August 4, 2021


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Dota 2 – Reviewing Power Named Keeper of the Light

Keeper of the Light

Keeper of the Light

If you consider the def high ground, push the whole map and hack the map in the morning, it is impossible not to mention the old man of Keeper of the Light (let’s call him kotol for short).

Super strong lane pushing – Keeper of the Light

Keeper of the Light

Illuminate: stand firmly to activate the skill, push as long as the damage increases. This skill is both used to farm and used to poke the enemy, def high ground, in short, very versatile.

Mana Leak: Keeper of the Light ‘s second skill: for the opponent to dream regardless of whether the opponent does not turn their hands or not, male or female, human or animal, radish or carrot, … if The enemy tries to move will lose % of their maximum mana. When the mana reaches 0, the victim will go to the top. Most of the offlaners are small brains, with little mana, and with this lame attack, laning is like a creep.

Chakra Magic: This is the brand name 3 that gives the elderly a sense of fiber. Although his technique seems to be mana-draining, he lives comfortably and doesn’t need to go back to mana regen much. Furthermore, in addition to mana regeneration, it also helps the target to reduce cooldown after using certain attacks, if accompanied by spammers like Bristleback, Zeus, ​Skywrath Mage, etc.

Spirit Form: revert to light form, get 2 more cans, and allow kame shooting without standing still because there is an illusion guy he tries to change.

Recall (while using Ulti): summons a guy from his team after a period of dragging regardless of distance. If that guy gets hit from an enemy hero, the summoning is disabled.

Blinding Light (while using Ulti): causes a Spirit bomb blast at the selected location, knocking the opponent out of the blast and blinds 80% for a set amount of time.

Modified gameplay – Keeper of the Light

Keeper of the Light

At any point in the game, kotol can be played either attack or defense. With the skill’s cast range quite far and the huge damage source from Illuminate, Keeper of the Light can easily defend the house or attack the enemy from far away (500 damage, whoever calls for him, he must be a saint’s disciple. smoking need Huskar). Furthermore, as explained above (where the skillset), kotol also plays many other roles: fast train the team with Recall, destroy the mana of the nasty heroes on the enemy side with Mana Leak, breaking the enemy lineup and disabling the money-eating fighters with Blinding Light,… in short, it’s pretty sick. As long as this old man can farm that Aghanims Scepter is troublesome.

Stable across the meta

Why is it stable? Because nerfs are few and buffs are more (see nerfs / buffs here), although kotol has not seen much picks in major tournaments lately, in pubs or ranks, there are not many players who really know how to play and play. This old man’s effectiveness badges, but maybe any team hides the post to wait for the important matches to be released?