July 31, 2021


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Dota 2 – Reviewing Power Named Templar Assassin: The Mysterious Pink

Templar Assassin

Templar Assassin

Among the carry and ganker capable of going mid and overpowering a lot of traditional mid laners, Templar Assassin can put a lot of pressure on enemies in the same lane with a relatively annoying skill set, At the same time, she is not in the mid lane farmer so the enemy must always be wary when suddenly she disappears from mid. So what is the strength of TA? Along with guide game finds out.

Specialist treatment of mid laner cheeks

Templar Assassin

Refraction: Creates a protective layer of armor, which has two distinct functions: blocks a number of times the damage dealt to Templar Assassin and increased TA damage per shot. If you encounter damage one by one -> this skill is powerful, get damage over time DPS -> max waste. This skill along with TA’s passives helps her control lane and harass quite easily with any enemy, whether long-sleeved or short-sleeved.

Meld: TA immediately hid where she was standing. Hitting stealth will deal bonus damage and subtract the target’s armor. This skill has the strength that TA will become invisible immediately without fade time, making it easy for TA to avoid incoming projectile skills (but encounter three AoE items or get blinded/dusted, then beaten up immediately), this skill is both manual and manual, tight that at early levels when TA’s attack range is not far, it is only used for defense.

Psi Blades: Increases attack range, and TA’s attacks penetrate the main target, piercing the targets behind, and dealing net damage equal to the amount of health lost by the primary target. This damn mother, in addition to increasing attack range, is also a powerful harass/damage tool of TA (as long as the enemy misses his step into the skill’s piercing range. easily and becomes dangerous in teamfights by inflicting pure damage plates through the enemy’s rear

Psionic Trap: TA sets a stealth trap, giving little vision at the selected location. When TA detonates traps, it will slow nearby enemies. Traps set for as long as slow down as much. This Ulti also has a 2-in-1 function that is a tool to keep enemies and scout the map at important locations such as a hillway, Roshan, or rune locations.

Compensation Talent of Templar Assassin

Templar Assassin

Why is talent compensation? Because TA’s late-game burden will decline significantly compared to other pure carry lines, in addition to late, the enemy will also cast more armor, so TA will have to struggle to shoot a few more hits to destroy. The target should Talent at level 25 will give TA a very good choice for late rolling: + 3 stacks of Refraction when the enemy has less armor or subtract 8 more armor by Meld if facing an enemy with thick armor.

The other talents are also pretty good: lv10 talent for attack speed or movement speed, with a core of Blink Dagger, TA can ignore movement speed. Level 15 Talent if planning to buy Solar Crest or Butterfly then evasion point is very suitable, otherwise get 6 stats for the buffalo. Level 20 Talent gives more health to increase clumping or take damage to hit health. In short, the table of Templar Assassin ’s talent is quite good like that.

Active gameplay of Templar Assassin

At all times, every meta, TA is always a situational mid-pick, in addition to being used to fight the popular mid laners, TA needs to rush levels and items to be able to perform her hunting. As a genuine ganker – yes, orthodox, not carry mid farm. With the heavy damage from the skill set and the core items that increase mobility, TA can easily defeat the bloody children behind the lines without much difficulty, then be bogged down with the damage block points of Refraction or turn on Meld to wait for the team.

Stable across metas

It’s a bit sad right now that TA has rarely appeared in the professional tournaments recently due to the change in strategy between teams. However, TA has always been buffed more than nerfs, the hero change is negligible, the number of bans in tournaments is not too much due to its preference for situational picks, Should know in the upcoming tournaments, there will be a certain lineup with Templar Assassin?