July 31, 2021


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Dota 2 – Reviewing Power Named Troll Warlord

Troll Warlord

Troll Warlord

We are no stranger to the name Troll Warlord, one of the fastest carry heroes in Dota. With an ugly face in pain, being touched by the frog on the back of the neck three times, however, this gangster gradually emerged from pub matches and then appeared in the top matches like the final round of Epicenter 2017, Manila Masters…. What brings this buffoon back to the screens of Dota 2 fans?

Fast and strong from the egg

Troll Warlord

Let’s talk about himself: possessing a rare and hard-to-find skill Berserker Rage that can change the range at will that can make him very easy lane even if he encounters an enemy laner. Long or short arm, and with the flexible switch between close and long-range, Troll Warlord can block a fair amount of damage from attacks thanks to a bonus of up to 6 armor instantly when transformed into form.

In melee combat, casting more Poormans Shield, then hit it like scratching scabies, and with melee combat, he can fully utilize the Quelling Blade to farm in any situation. This move also provides dozens of other beneficial effects: movement speed, BAT reduction and the most important thing that makes Troll dangerous in confrontations with enemy troops is the ability to stun (bash) up to 2 seconds

Next is his very good lane control skill Whirling Axes Ranged and Whirling Axes Melee with only 50 mana cost for both 2. He can easily hold the opponent. use Whirling Axes Ranged to run away or chase, or bleed and stop the enemy from farming / rebounding him with Whirling Axes Melee by causing misses up to 60%, laning slightly In a little bit, he can go into the jungle with this skill, making sure the jungle monster hit miss. Anyone who is inclined to be a vegetarian and meets Whirling Axes Melee will definitely surrender this guy.

Strong talents are the missing piece for Troll Warlord

Troll Warlord

Look at Troll’s talent chart and analyze it together. With playing in the carry direction, Troll will cast all the damage, so the talent points increase the hardness are much better: 7 Str gives Troll Warlord more blood, 6 armor for Troll to withstand better punches, 350 health changes Troll into a savage man. Build a carry item, get the talent to increase the defense, it is a harmony IceFrog has brought to babyrager.

Safety solution

Troll Warlord can easily manage when laning at level 2 or above thanks to his inherent skill set, furthermore when he gets to higher levels, Troll’s lane suppression ability is extremely strong, ensuring it is not bored from long-sleeved to short-sleeved (except for some of its special counter cases), just go dual with 1 sup, it can offlane your team from beginning to end of laning phase. Anyone who foolishly insisted on solo dueling this guy making sure to eat enough Whirling Axes Melee with Fervor would automatically turn back.

When entering mid-game, with the skillset has a short cooldown, if the team can guarantee the mana for him, Troll can both farm and engage in team fight / push very enthusiastically and eat Roshan very quickly, so his item rush speed was the same as inflation. In short, the mid-game to the early game stage is Troll’s horizontal and vertical phase, he is no different from the enemy team.

Troll’s late pull strength is slightly reduced if the enemy team starts to invest in armor items, moreover, Troll loses a lot to long-sleeved carry heroes due to short-range and poor crowd cleanup skills. However, he still has a certain amount of fright, especially if he is the last survivor in the fight, ensuring the evaporation rate of the opponent’s turrets in seconds.

Troll Warlord is good for early gank/push formations

Many teams choose for themselves a style of early surfing, exerting great pressure on the opponent, causing the opponent to clump up to the high ground column when the game is only at 2x minutes: increasing the coverage area of the team, isolate enemy camps to increase income, exp, significantly reduce the enemy’s income and exp and control Roshan for the best advantage.

Of course, Troll Warlord, with its simple yet solid gameplay, the extra stiffness in the laning phase and the aggressiveness is also not inferior, adding the ultimate dopping support for the whole team, this does very well.