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Dota 2 – Strength Analysis Of The Spirit Breaker

Spirit Breaker

Spirit Breaker

One fine day, you were walking in the woods, suddenly a mad cow came rushing at 696 km / h and crashed into you, what could be better? After that, not in time, he sent you home by air with only 17% of his power. Watching the enemy writhe in pain as their souls are crushed under their own cruel hands, it is Spirit Breaker.

Savage play style

 Spirit Breaker

Big health, big damage, big bash, it all forms a monster named Bara. Despite countless times he has been through the corrected hands of ice frogs, he retains his BDSM-like nature. Punching the opponent in the face with Charge of Darkness, the ruthless enemy with the Greater Bash, all of which was done by Bara with gusto. Furthermore, with Nether Strike, his violence is unstoppable, even if they have the Black King Bar. In addition, with Empowering Haste that buffs the speed of his teammates, he is able to bring the team in with his pleasure, as well as help the team withdraw in time when the fun becomes too much. When the enemy saw him, they knew their end had come.

Global kill squad – Spirit Breaker

With the ability to destroy the enemy with Charge of Darkness, the Spirit Breaker is a perfect fit for a complete solo capture lineup. Although not a top pick, he can still support heroes capable of fighting all over the map like Spectre, Zeus or Natures Prophet. He can build a divine taxi carrying Lifestealer to search for ill-fated prey, increasing the hero’s close combat ability. Sometimes it was the landing spot for Tinker to jump. Or combined with NP to gank the whole map. Seeing the bara, you should be careful, because behind him there is probably an entire army following behind to support this mad cow.

Counter the split push strategy – Spirit Breaker

 Spirit Breaker

With Charge of Darkness, Bara is ready to send the rats away to push the thief turrets up to the gear. For the very active heroes in the roster, facing Bara is always tough, because he can hold his prey to the end, no matter how they hide. Not only that, [sk greater-bash] will cause heroes to jump like Antimage, Ember Spirit will not be able to retreat and fight back is not done, causing a dilemma. Especially when he possesses himself the Shadow Blade. An ordinary truck is already dangerous, a truck with stealth is even more dangerous. Once he has this dark sword, every cowardly rat will not be able to foresee when its turn.

Dividing and harassing the enemy squad is forte

True to his name – Spirit Breaker, Bara is a hero capable of crushing enemy souls quickly no matter where they are, even when hiding behind his teammates. Facing Bara, there is no safe position, even deep in his squad.

He is like a fierce hurricane, rushing into the back of the enemy’s front lines with Charge of Darkness, destroying the deadly weak foes that hide in hiding like Sniper, Drow Ranger with powerful blows from the Greater Bash, chanting a dance between the enemy squad that no one could stop when he had the Black King Bar. Positioning on an enemy is almost impossible if they do not possess escape skills and items to stop him like Eul’s Scepter of Divinity, Hurricane  Pike. Once he had a thirst for blood, the enemy only had to wait for death.