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DOTA 2: The Arrival of a New Hero, Hoodwink!


Hoodwink is a long-range hero that is made to have high dodge abilities and interfere with enemy teams with skills that are able to paralyze opponents and use a number of deceptive abilities to assist in battle.

With multi-hit projectiles in Acorn Shot, a net of traps to paralyze enemies with his Bushwhack skill. And the Scurry skill gave him the ability to move faster, walk through trees, and increase his evasion.


He will be a nuisance to deal with, especially in a lot of situations. It even has a long-range attack that deals massive, slow, and Break damage to the affected enemy. 

The longer the Hoodwink fills the Sharpshooter, the greater the damage and the longer the debuff lasts. For more details, you can see the video from the following link below.

Hoodwink Dota 2 Hero Spotlight

Hoodwink Skills

Acorn Shot

Converts Hoodwink Attacks into acorns. Acorns will bounce off nearby targets, slowing them down and dealing bonus damage. If the target is an empty spot on the map, a tree will be made at that point, and Acorn will bounce off the nearest target.


Hero throws traps that block enemy heroes if they are near trees in the area. The hit enemies take damage and are pulled towards a nearby tree, and their vision is reduced to 0 during the stun.

Scurry – Hoodwink

Hero passively has the opportunity to dodge physical attacks when it is near trees. When activated, Hoodwink gains bonus movement speed, clash stages, and walks in trees for a short time.


Hoodwink charges and fires deadly attacks from its arrows, dealing massive, slow and Break damage to enemy heroes. The damage and debuff duration increase to the maximum when you charge the Sharpshooter, and the attacks will automatically fire after five seconds. The hoodwink will be thrown back 350 from the shot.

That’s it for DOTA 2‘s new hero. What do you think about this new hero?

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