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Dota 2: The best Slark build in patch 7.28 – Early, Mid, Late Items

Slark build in patch 7.28

Slark is often played on the safe lane as a hard carry / hard carry. It is also possible to take mid-lane against good opponents, but Slark does significantly better with some level of lane support. When gold becomes inseparable, you’ll need to know what items Slark needs to be to the best of his ability. While you sometimes need to make decisions based on the opposing team’s heroes, Slark build in patch 7.28 revolves around the same philosophy – and those are stacking attributes.

Slark build in patch 7.28

Slark build in patch 7.28

Starting items

Quelling Blade + Two sets of Tangoes + Healing Salve + Slippers of Agility

The Quelling Blade is the preferred weapon of any carry hero looking to last hit creeps. Two sets of Tangoes and a healer are more than enough for Slark to survive in the lane, but you may need to bring more regenerative items to the lane via the courier when faced with aggressive fists.

Slippers of Agility can be replaced with two iron branches against spell spam lanes as you will be able to craft it into a Magic Stick faster.

Early game

Phase Boots: Phase Boots gives Slark the most aggressive line of attributes and unexpectedly turns him into a threat during the laning phase. You’ll be able to finish your warm-up 10 minutes ahead of time, and you can schedule them to come in to guarantee a surprise knockout, which boosts your power to use.

Orb of Corrosion: The Orb of Venom is a fairly popular item for heroes who need to put damage on their target in the early stages of the match. The main reason most people try not to pick it up is that it doesn’t integrate into anything useful.

Slark build in patch 7.28

Wraith Band: If you start your game with Slippers of Agility or Circlet, be sure to complete your Wraith Band in Slark build in patch 7.28. It offers decent attributes, armor, and attack speed, leaving you with no inventory during the early game.

Magic Wand: Even if the enemy team doesn’t have a Skywrath Mage or Zeus, the Magic Wand will always be charged whenever you need it. It can either let you go to safety with close to zero hp or help you ensure that one final kill with a slight energy boost.

Diffusal Blade: More often than not, Diffusal Blade will be the first item you want to have on Slark. It’s cheap and comes with clutch action that slows down enemies. It also consumes a small portion of the energy of the Slark target.

Mid game – Slark build in patch 7.28

Slark build in patch 7.28

Sange and Yasha: In addition to the basic attribute bonus, Sange and Yasha also provide state resistance. Status resistance reduces the duration of most status effects and slows. When this combined with Slark’s slippery properties, it becomes a must-have item for most lineups.

Black King Bar: Black King Bar actually offers the best attributes for its price, but its operability keeps heroes immune to magic damage and effects making it one of the best combat items in Dota 2.

Late game

Satanic: Combining your Satanic with a Black King Bar or Shadow Dance in Slark build in patch 7.28 will ensure that you will return to full HP unless you are attacked by Enigma in the black hole in the process.

Eye of Skadi: Skadi makes Slark even stronger and allows his attacks to slow his target. This passive ability can be quite helpful if you’re having trouble chasing your opponent.