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Dota Auto Chess: How to play Assassin Build

Assassin Build

The strategy of 6 Assassin build is a very popular game today. Even though it has been nerfed, you’ll see at least one or two players trying to perform this stat in your game.

Assassin build Strategy Summary

Assassin Build

You’re 6 Assassin Build reward – 15% chance for 4.5 times crit + 15% chance for 3.5 times crit, i.e. ~ 90% DPS increase on average. If you are lucky with your cot, your assassins will attack the units they are concentrating on before those units have any chance to use their abilities.

This leaves you with 4 free unit slots that you would normally want to use to activate additional synergies and equally important – to get disabled and tanks.


  • A lot of physical damage.
  • They immediately rush to the enemy’s backline, this is a quick way to defeat those who deal massive damage to the enemy.
  • Diverse units and secondary synergies.


  • Mainly relying on physical damage means you’ll be resisted by armor and dodge (warrior, goblin, armor, etc.)
  • Quite annoying.
  • You will quickly run out of seats in the middle of the game because you will buy all possible assassins until you see which assassins you can upgrade.

Assassin build

1 gold Assassin

Bounty Hunter

Opening Assassin build, awesome single-target DPS. Cheap and easy to upgrade, but not so powerful towards the end of the game. Maybe want to keep him with two stars if you’re running out of seats. He made Goblin-Mech the easiest opening out of them all.

2 golds Assassins


Subjective is the worst assassin thanks to very slow attacks. He can generate the Elemental synergy which we will discuss below. If possible, stay away from him, but if you see him regularly, still buy him. A two or three-star Morph is still better than 1-star assassins.

Queen of pain

QoP will be your main damage agent in the middle of the game. As your only Devil, she will deal high attack damage, meaning she will charge her low AoE CD quickly. Upgrade her whenever possible. You should keep her immediately behind the frontline tanks. In this way, she won’t jump backward, which will allow her to hit more units with the Scream of Pain.

3 golds Assassins


The assassins are quite weak so you might have trouble fighting creep waves. Viper is your best tool for dealing with them – his ult is great compared to creeps, so try to upgrade him if possible.

Phantom Assassin

Even more crib. The single target physical damage is very high. She’s a little weak, but you can help her out by taking her reward (3) Goblin. Good unit to try to achieve three stars.

4 golds Assassins in Assassin build

Assassin Build

Templar assassin

She is an assassin and does a lot of damage in Assassin build, but she also survives thanks to her Refraction. Usually, you want to use her on the front line. Give her the energy regeneration items (Crown, Void Stone) to make sure she uses Refraction as quickly (and as often as possible) as possible. It would be difficult to raise her three stars, but she is a powerhouse even with two stars.

How to make Assassin build work

The early-mid game

Ensuring a strong frontline in the early game combined with 3 Assassins, ideally BH + QoP high + half.

When this is done, get 6 Assassins as soon as possible.

The late-game

6 Assassin build is extremely strong mid-game but can start to decline late in the game against tanks and most importantly – strong CC units like Medusa and Tide.

You need to maintain a good streak in the middle of the game, but then around level 8, you need to make a decision: Do you go all out and start spending gold to upgrade your units as fast as possible, Or do you continue to play the long-term stable economic game towards lvl10?

If you are facing dangerous opponents (Warrior, Troll, Knights) and you don’t like your super late play opportunity, you don’t have enough time to wait. Start spending your gold to upgrade your units before your opponents do to initiate rounds of victory decisively and deal heavy HP damage. 6 Assassins build + 2-3 Tank / Stun is a very powerful champion and you can eliminate your opponent before they can reach lvl10. Most Assassins lineup peaked at level 8 with (6) Assassins and (2) Tanks.