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Dota Auto Chess: How to play God Build

God Build

God Build

God build is the newest and most unique synergy in the game. While they can be very fun to play and can feel extremely overwhelming if you get them to work, they are actually relatively hard to build and very easy to lose the game before your squad. online “because of Species restrictions and because it requires a Legendary Unit (Zeus) to fulfill its full potential.

God Build Strategy Summary

God Build

The goal is to build around (1) God’s reward in early mid-game with Mars and to complete your squad with the second god (Zeus) at the end of the game. Bounty (1) 50% cooldown reduction, the second time – 50% more (diminishing cooldown makes it 75% effective CDR for both Gods).

The point is that you CANNOT use any other TYPE synergies. For example. Warriors / Mage / Mechs / Assassin work with God build, but Orc / Trolls / Humans / Goblins don’t! This means you need to be extra careful when building your squad against all other teams.

Making God Build Work

God Build Tribes

The first important part is making sure you don’t get the Active Species reward. Keep eyes away from:

  • 1 demon. If you have two, the bonus will be void
  • 1 goblin or 1 dwarf
  • 2 Humans, Undead, Monsters, Orcs, Trolls, Nagas, Elementals
  • 3 Elves, Elves, Dragons

Again, you can use all of the Class’ synergies as you normally would, but keep in mind that it is quite difficult to build the Advanced rewards due to the above limitations – for example, building (6) Mages without (2) Humans or (1) Goblins is impossible, meaning you can reach the maximum of (3) Mages.

On the other hand, building (6) Warriors is possible, but you have to be careful with 2 Orcs (Ax or Jugg or Disruptor), Humans (Kunkka or CM), Elemental (Tiny or Razor), Monsters, And if you’re using Doom, you need another Demon (QoP or SF).

Early & Mid Game

God Build

(3) Warriors (Mars, Jugg, Tusk / Tiny, etc.) or (2) Mech (Timber, Tinker / Clock) are your usual openings. The bounty is great too (can throw a lot of Shuriken), but make sure you don’t have (3) goblins.

Two Devils from early on are also active – Chaos Knight and Queen of Pain / Shadow Fiend both benefit from CD reduction. However, make sure you have two because a single Devil will negate the divine reward.

Druids are also quite good because they get upgraded quickly. Furion with energy items that can use multiple Treants. Make sure you don’t have two beasts.

The units you usually look for in the middle of the game are the Razor, Necro, and CM. You can add Puck to receive reward (3) Mages. That said, you can choose other options.

Late Game

You need Zeus to unleash the full potential of your squad. Since Zeus is a legendary unit (5 gold), you need to hit level 9/10 sooner than later. This shows you need a decent economy, which means success in the middle of the game is crucial – God build is not a good “return” strategy. If you find yourself not in a good position to do this, you can think about getting rid of Mars and building a more traditional squad in the middle of the game for faster online.

At the end of the game, grab the Medusa / Tide + Disruptor to make sure there’s enough control.