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Dota Auto Chess: How to play Warrior Build

Warrior Build

Warrior Build

The 9 Warrior build strategy is basic but solid gameplay. The pieces are easy to get, the layout is simple. That’s why 9 Warriors are a good fit to get acquainted with Auto Chess.

Warrior build Strategy Summary

Warrior Build

The goal of the strategy is to build an extremely durable frontline from the Warrior (6) reward, giving a total of 12 armor to all of your Warrior build [5 from the reward (3), 7 from the bonus. half from (6)]. You can even pledge hard to a warrior to receive the (9) Warrior reward, which will increase by 9 more armor (for a total of 21) and great compared to heavy formations. Physical Damage – Assassins, Knights, Druids, etc.

Warriors have very high-quality units, so your frontline will usually give you not only stamina but also great utility from chess pieces like Ax, Kunkka, and Doom.

In the middle of the late game, you can gradually transform into a secondary synergy that will complete your strategy – Trolls to increase physical damage, Mages to burst spells, Warlocks to maintain, etc.

Warriors build

1 gold Warriors


A Great chap crowd control in Warrior build. He does low damage, but is quite strong, especially if you give him the Warrior and Elemental strength synergy rewards. Because he’s an Elemental, he works really well with the Elemental / Warrior Mage roster.


An important unit in the Warrior stat. He will be one of your starter units, your main tank, and a great source of control. The Orcs tribe is also great because there is another Orc in the Warrior roster – Jugg. This ensures that you will receive (2) HP Orc rewards, which are very useful per unit with Taunt mechanics.


Third Warrior departure unit. He’s not as strong as Axe but has a higher DPS. He fell at the end of the match, so he wasn’t a top priority upgrade after two stars. However, his tribe of the beasts (Beast) is very useful because there is another Beast on the Warrior team – Lycan. This makes (2) Beast rewards very easy to obtain and (4) Beast rewards can be combined with Druids. Monsters are one of the most intuitive ways to increase DPS for your Warrior squad.


One of the best tanks in the game thanks to his passive skills and a decent damage agent if you have an active God reward. He’s not a popular unit to get in on a full draft of the Warriors, but he works great as a frontline tank for mid-game formations. At the end of the game, hold him if you’re into God’s strategy.

2 golds Warriors


Very good stats and ability to mix well with high physical damage coming from units like Troll. Slardar is a tool when you fight mages as he allows you to receive (2) the Naga tribe’s bounty much faster than a squad that relies on finding the Tide to get it.


A good source of AoE magic damage in the Warrior build – something your other units lack. Even more important – an Orc, makes it easier to get the bonus of the Orc tribe along with the Ax. He deals AoE magic damage with his rotation, which makes him a great frontline hero in the Mage squad.

3 golds Warrior


The second monster in the lineup, making it easy to get (2) the Monster’s physical damage bonus. Lycan’s summons is very strong in the early mid-game but falls late in the game. However, if you are on a winning streak, these two additional units are great for punishing your opponent, as they consume more HP. It’s important that Lycan uses his ult before he dies, so it’s important to upgrade him to at least two stars.

4 golds Warrior


Good stats and one of the best AoE (and damage) control in the game. Kunkka is good enough to use in a squad without a lot of synergies, which makes him even better in the Warrior roster – he has no drawbacks. Furthermore, he is a human, so he can receive (2) Humans or even (4) Humans in mage drafts. Silence is quite powerful.


If you don’t have another high-level demon you need, then Doom is a must. His ability is amazing against high-level spelling. Furthermore, he has excellent stats – very high stamina and damage.

Troll Warlord

The main killer in the Warrior build and the only ranged unit, this makes him very valuable. He makes the synergy (2) and (4) Troll possible, which is the best sub synergy you can get for the Warrior roster.

5 golds Warrior in Warrior build

Warrior Build


Sven is the second Demon in the Warriors and the only Legendary unit. He is designed to fit perfectly with the Demon strategy, but he himself is good enough to fit certain Warrior drafts. Thanks to Cleave and the Power of God (damage buff), he can do very high DPS.

How to make Warrior build work

As we mentioned, Warriors are probably the most beginner-friendly tactic precisely because it’s easy to do – just buy more Warriors and upgrade them whenever possible.

Following this very simple tactic will give you some initial results, but with better opponents, it will be inconsistent. The reason is that you cannot rely on consistently upgrading your units – a bad store draw can ruin your plans. Hence, sometimes your army will be great if you get lots of Warriors in the shop, while others – it will get low upgrades in case you don’t get them.

To avoid this, you often want to change your mindset. Initially select (3) Warriors and then see what you get from the store. Buy the units you are getting the most out of and try to string a strategy from there according to the situation. If you get a lot of Warriors – great, get the reward (6). If not – find another synergy.

Warrior build works well with Mage, Hunters, and Trolls. You can always go back to get the (6) Warriors rewards at the end of the game for strong warriors at the end of the game like Doom, Kunkka, and Troll, but it’s not a must. Warriors can only be your opening strategy.