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Dota Auto Chess: How to play with Knights Build – Team Comp, Strategy Summary

Knights Build

Knights Build

Knights build is among the most dominant mid-game strategies. Their shields (stackable) give them 70% magic resistance as well as 35 armor, making them extremely durable against any formation. Thanks to their branching ability into side synergies like Dragons, Trolls, or Undead, they also have a lot of potential towards the end of the game!

Knights Strategy Summary

Knights Build

The goal is to obtain (3) or (6) knights and harness their durability to dominate mid-game with a victory. At the end of the game, you can branch into a sub synergy that gives you enough damage to ensure victory.


  • Extremely durable against both magic and physical damage.
  • Individual strong unit.
  • Flexibility – can branch into multiple secondary synergies.


  • The synergy is fully defensive, so you need to take your DPS out of the secondary synergy (and/or item).
  • Expensive unit. You need a good economy to upgrade more Knights.
  • There are only 6 units in total, so finding the full set can be difficult.

Knights Build


The only cheap knight in the Knights build, but also the weakest. Usually, you will have him in your opening strategy but sell him later to get more powerful units. He is part of the synergy (4) Trolls, so be sure to hold on to him if you intend to go that route.


The killer in the Knights lineup early mid-game but is also a very strong carry at the end of the game if you put damage items on her. Unlike other right-click carry, she deals AoE damage. Of course, this is great for winning fights in general, but keep in mind that she will charge multiple enemies at once. Keeping an lvl1 Luna with no items in your squad can be a responsibility.

Chaos Knight

A Demon Knight with great basic stats. He’s tanky, providing some utility from his stun and if he’s your only Devil – he does a great deal of DPS because of the passive Devil. A key unit to open the powerful Knight.

Omniknight portrait

Omni has high armor stat, but low DPS. However, his main selling point is his ultimate – he not only heals a unit but also deals damage to enemy units concentrating it in an AoE. This makes Omni a great frontline hero. Combine him with at least one other person to benefit from (2) Chance of silence.

Dragon Knight

The centerpiece of the Knights build thanks to his Dragon tribe. Once you collect the three Dragons, he will instantly transform, making him one of the strongest lethers in the game. Keep him on the frontlines (or on the bench) until you get three dragons, and then put him in the backline so he has as much time as possible to automatically attack.

Making Knights Build Work

Knights Build

Early Game

You usually start with the Batrider, but he’s personally quite weak, so be ready to bench him if you have better options (the two-star Bat with Knight synergy is still better than most one-star units). Remember you need (3) Knights for early game synergy.

The key unit that will beat you in the early rounds is the Chaos Knight. With the Knight shield, your squad will become strong and CK will be able to clear up in the meantime. If you get Abaddon early, you should buy a Drow Ranger to get the armor reduction reward.

Mid – Late Game

Of course, continue to buy Knights. Decide whether you will be on (3) Knights or will you target (6) – both options are viable. While (6) Knights build is clearly stronger, it’s relatively hard to find and (3) Knights give you more flexibility in the squad.

Decide which extra synergies you will use. Trolls and Dragons should always be in your mind as an option when you follow Knights, but other paths are possible – Undead + Hunters, even Mages.

Don’t forget about late-game AoE control units like Kunkka, Tide, Medusa, and more. The knights did not have their own control unit!

Remember that a Knights build is relatively expensive to upgrade. To be successful, you want to win while also saving gold for a profit in the middle of the game. Active store refreshes for upgrades usually don’t work with Knights.