August 4, 2021


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Dota Pro Circuit app updated by Valve

Dota Pro Circuit

The 2021 season of the Dota Pro Circuit has officially begun, and Valve has dusted off the supposedly abandoned Dota Pro Circuit app with it.

Dota Pro Circuit

Valve has opened the door for all Dota 2 players to use the Dota Pro Circuit app in a surprise move. The app was previously exclusive to subscribers of Dota Plus and was one of that service’s main selling points.

Currently, the app has just a handful of functions. A live feed of professional  games that shows the action unfolding with a mini-map and icons similar to the one from the watch tab is the most interesting. There is also a solid range of statistics, even without the need to watch the full game, that gives a good look at the action.

There is a newly added section that includes the rankings for each region, showing in both divisions the win-loss record for each team. Finally, there is a “tournament” section that includes each league’s full schedule of upcoming games.

It is a welcome change to open the app to players who are not Dota Plus subscribers, although it continues what has been a decrease in emphasis on Dota Plus by Valve. Anyone new to the app will probably be taken aback at the moment by its shoddy state. The UI is undeniably clumsy and there are several obvious bugs, although it is a potentially useful tool for fans who want to keep track of the entire pro scene on the go.

Most importantly, two of the DPC app’s most engaging functions are currently disabled. Despite having a dedicated following and being a major part of The International Battle Pass each year, Fantasy Dota 2 is not available. 

The function of predictions, which allowed users to wager Dota Plus shards on the results of pro games, is also deactivated at present. When, or if, these functionalities might come back online is uncertain.

How to predict Dota Pro Circuit games in the app?

Players can not use the predictions function in the Dota Pro Circuit app at present. Originally, players were able to wager shards of Dota Plus on the results of Dota Pro Circuit event matches. 

This was a great means of farming shards, and fan engagement with the Dota 2 esports scene was also increasing. Valve didn’t have this ready for the beginning of the season, although this would fit perfectly into the current Dota Pro Circuit landscape.

On the app, the function is still present, but is inaccessible. That indicates that at some point, Valve may be planning to bring it back, although this is far from guaranteed.