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Dota Underlord: How to play Heartless Build

Heartless Build

Heartless Build

The Heartless build is an Alliance reward that resonates with physical damage as it reduces enemy armor. Run (2) Carelessness is very popular in many types of physical damage (Warrior, Knight, Hunter) because it is easy to get. However, getting higher ranks of the Alliance bounty is another question.

Heartless build Strat Overview

Heartless Build

Without Fall From Grace, the Heartless build isn’t truly worthy of its own guide. The general logic is that you almost always want to (2) Mindless in Warrior (Pudge + 1), Knight (Abaddon + 1), and Hunter (Drow + 1). The additional Heartless is usually Necro as he also allows you to receive (2) Warlocks rewards along with (2) Heartless rewards, making him an extremely effective hero for a position.

If you get the Fall from Grace item later in the game, there’s nothing you can do too interesting. You are running a certain strategy. If it has humans and deals physical damage (the most common are Knights and Hunters), you will get the item.

Heartless Build Tips


The main reason why it’s easy to get (2) Heartless rewards in Hunter draft. Since Hunters deal very high single-target physical damage, reducing armor is of great value to them.


The Pudge + Necro combo is arguably the main reason why Warriors + Warlocks are arguably the most powerful builder in the game right now. Pudge is very cheap, but he is also one of the strongest tank units in the game, especially with the Warriors rewards. On the other hand, Necro is a Warlock that provides healing to multiple heroes from two sources: his ultimate and the Warlocks bonus. This, combined with the Warriors’ resilience, is extremely valuable. The (2) Heartless rewards the two units give are just cherries on the head.


The common reason the Knights received (2) Heartless rewards easily. Knights, however, have two humans, meaning that with Fall from Grace Knights only one additional Heartless / Human hero is needed to receive (4) Heartless rewards (usually Necro).


Necro of the Heartless build is the best Warlock in the game. He provides a sustained ability with his ultimate and is even more resilient with Warlock synergy, meaning he can keep your army alive for a very long time. All of these make Necro the most commonly used hero to receive both (2) Warlock or/and (2) Heartless rewards.


Lich is the hardest to match unit in the draft Heartless. He is Mage Ace and deals primarily magic damage, which is not combined with the Heartless armor reduction bonus. Mages with three Humans (Lina, Crystal Maiden, Keeper of the Light) and a Heartless (Lich), meaning that in theory, can receive a (4) Heartless reward with only (6) Mage without need any additional units.

Heartless Item Tips

Heartless Build

With a high Heartless level, the obvious item choices will be physical DPS items and armor reduction items. Of course, don’t underestimate items that give your unit damage time (i.e., items that boost your frontline).

  • Blight Stone: stacking additional armor reduction will amplify your damage even more. Extremely valuable in Heartless / Hunters.
  • Helm of the Undying: great on Bloodseeker even without the Heartless build, even better with the Heartless.
  • Mask of Madness: even more powerful lifesteal combined with a very high armor reduction simply because the hero does more physical damage (thus stealing more HP).
  • Sacred Relic: any item that increases your physical DPS will be more valuable when you lose armor. Great on the Hunter because of the bounty attack.
  • Battle Fury: Great on melee Assassins like PA. The giants with reduced armor will deal AoE damage.
  • Black King Bar: if you’re running Heartless / Assassins, you’ve already done enough damage, but your control might destroy you. BKB on a Critical Assassin can save the game.
  • Moonshard: Incredibly increases DPS on any carry hero.
  • Daedalus: put it on a three-star Hunter and watch the enemy melt.
  • Assault Cuirass: more armor reduction is never redundant.
  • Desperate measures: Heartless build rewards amplify the damage of your entire squad. The same goes for Desperate Measures.