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Dota Underlord: How to play Savage Build

Savage Build

Savage Build

The Savage build is quite unique in the sense that it is arguably the strongest and easiest to build in the early mid-game, but it falls into the hardest late game. This puts you in an interesting situation when playing the Savage build – most of you will have good health and a good economy, but you need to figure out how to use these resources effectively to Give yourself the best chance at the end of the game.

Early & Mid Game

Savage Build

Early game

Usually, you choose (3) Warrior opening with Tusk and / or (2) Druid opening with Ench. Veno allows you to get (2) Savages rewards pretty quickly and with SF or Witch Doctor you can also get (2) fast Warlock to increase the endurance of your squad.

If you have no intention of buying (4) Druid (you usually only want two), swap your non-Savage Druid with Lone Druid as soon as you get Warlock – he is your key unit in the All the Savage bands and there are three-star Ench + a two-star Lone Druid giving you spike in power.

This is the standard core draft (6) of Savage build. It focuses mainly on getting all (6) Savage for maximum bonus damage and ideally the Bleed stacks from Tooth and Claw.

Shadow Fiend is the ideal 7th unit because he gives you a strong synergy (2) Warlocks is strong and makes the squad more survivable – which is important as the Savage roster takes a bit of time. Time to summon units and stacks Tooth and Claw’s debuff. . Furthermore, SF increases your overall damage more. The two-star alchemist is also a great second Warlock as he gives you a stronger frontline and a reduction in AoE armor increases your overall DPS.

Mid Game

Your drafts typically mature at level 7. This gives you a spike in mid-game strength and allows you to focus on your economy comfortably without losing a lot of health in the process.

If you’re having a tough match, the squad’s mid-match strength also allows you to invest in stronger upgrades. This could allow you to knock greedy players out of the game and sneak into the top 4, although if you spend too early your chances of winning # 1 will of course be much lower.

Savage Build Late Game

Savage Build

Since the power of Savage build diminishes towards the end of the game, the usual game plan is to use your good economy to buy levels instead of three-star upgrades. Reaching lvl10 will give you space on the board for you to have more synergy and powerful Ace units in the draft, who can give you late game power.

Four Warlocks are better than the two in terms of maintainability, and including Disruptor makes a big difference in the late game when powerful AoE spells are more popular because of his ability to silence AoE.

If you have Fall from Grace, a Necro instead of one of the Warlocks above can give you (2) Heartless, increasing your damage.

This is likely the default late-game extension of the standard Savage build (6) from above, leveraging the powerful rewards of Disruptor and Troll Ace.