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Dota Underlord: How to play Scrappy Build

Scrappy Build

Scrappy Build

Before the remake (and in Dota Auto Chess), the Scrappy build strategy revolved around dominating the early game with (3) Scrappy, a weak mid and late game spike IF you manage to find Techies.

However, since the remake, you can use Scrappy as a much less gimmicky strategy. The main reason is that you are not as strong as an early game (only 1g Scrappy), but you are much stronger in the middle of the game thanks to the reward (4) Scrappy Alliance that makes all your Scrappy units extremely durable.

Making Scrappy Build Work

Scrappy Build

There are a few important things to keep in mind in order to succeed with the Scrappy build strategy:

In the early game, you should get to (4) Scrappy as quickly as possible – this gives you a good enough frontline for mid-game. Catching (6) Scrappy is possible, but it’s not a must and you can comfortably play a (4) Scrappy draft with other synergies (usually Mages and/or Warlocks).

Your heroes (especially Clock and Tinker) receive significant upgrades to three stars. With the Scrappy level, the three-star upgrade usually takes precedence over upgrading to lvl10 (or even 9 in some games).

The secondary synergies that you want to aim for are Assassins, Warriors, Mages, possibly Hunters. The reason is that Warlocks are easy to get (you already have Alchemist in your squad) and make it even harder to kill, while Mage increases your DPS the most – many Scrappy units deal significant magic damage ( Inventor’s explosions are also magic). On the other hand, Assassin works well with (6) Scrappy’s survivability.

Best Scrappy Builds

Scrappy isn’t the most versatile League in the game. In general, there are a number of viable build options (in order from strongest to weakest).

  • Scrappy + Assassins, usually using the full Scrappy (6) and three-star Slark rewards, is ideal for MoM.
  • Scrappy + Mage, using the fact that Inventor explosions deal very high magic damage, especially with Techies, the inventor of the Mage.
  • Scrappy + Warlocks, which abuses the squad’s very high survivability to defeat most opponents.
  • Scrappy + Hunters, using Scrappies as frontline anti-tank and Hunter as backline dealing damage.

Scrappy build tips

1 gold Scrappy

Bounty hunter

Good DPS from his attack and single-target nuclear. You can get (2) Scrappy early and use (3) Assassin in the middle of the game, usually in combination with the Queen of Pain. He’s your least important unit in Scrappy + Mage draft, so you want to keep him at two stars and then replace him with the Alchemist. He’s a lot more important in Scrappy Assassins and putting him three stars isn’t a broken game, but it’s a great idea.

2 gold Scrappy


A good tank does very good AoE damage thanks to the ultimate. He’s the third-best Scrappy in the Scrappy build to try to achieve three stars, and he’s the easiest on the team because of his two gold costs.

3 gold Scrappy


The nuclear damage from rockets is enormous, but he gets energy from attacks very slowly. This makes him great with (3) Mage and Crystal Maiden to help him solve his energy problem. Keep him in the front row so he gets energy from taking damage unless you have Void Stone, in which case he can step back further to keep him alive longer. If you manage to take him to three stars, the rocket’s CD becomes 0.5 seconds, which means only increasing his energy will prevent him from spamming the spell. If you keep him on the front lines and manage to keep him alive, he will easily become the most damaging to you.


His main goal is to give you quick access to (6) Scrappy. If you keep him at the end of the game make sure to use the Deadeye bonus with Gyrocopter. In (6) Shabby Draft, Sniper or Bounty will be replaced with Techies once found.

4 gold Scrappy

Scrappy Build


A very good tank, but he is the most valuable to his Warlock Alliance. It allows you to easily get (2) or even (4) the Warlocks rewards commonly associated with Shadow Fiend, Necro, and ideally – Disruptor.

5 gold Scrappy in Scrappy build


The unit with the most devastating AoE in the game. He works very well with Blink Dagger as it allows him to place the bomb on top of enemy backline heroes. In the Scrappy build tactic, he gets pretty annoyed, meaning that at two stars you can also give him a Refresher and put him on the front line quite comfortably. He’s an Inventor’s ACE and provides perc Extremely powerful the chain reaction with other High HP Inventors. Always try to run (4) Inventors with Techies.