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Dota Underlord: How to play Warlock Build

Warlock Build

Warlock Build

Since reworked Warlock build is arguably the most popular and most useful secondary synergy for many strategies. The upkeep they offer is insane, making any strategy with Warlocks more viable.

The goal of bringing Warlocks into a fairly simple strategy – maintaining. Each time Warlock’s ultimate is activated, it binds to a low health unit and both heroes begin to heal. The more Warlocks you have, the more often they will use magic and activate the lifesteal. Furthermore, the more Warlocks you have, the stronger the heal.

Early & Mid Game

Warlock Build

Warlocks have two main problems that make them difficult to build: early game Warlock build is a bit small and deal low damage. This means if you just start buying Warlocks right away, you will end up with a very weak army and will have serious early and mid-game issues, which is something you need to avoid. So, in order to build a successful strategy with Warlocks, you first need to think about building a squad with a good frontline and decent damage.

While there are many different options, the fastest way to include Warlocks in your drafts is to use Venomancer. He is Savage Warlock and allows you to get (2) Warlocks rewards in the early game with the help of Witch Doctor and/or Shadow Fiend. You should use Veno’s Savage synergy early on to give yourself a strong early mid-game draft. Going to (4) Warlock is not a priority. You can sit on top of two people during the early mid-game, and then get extra Warlock later to boost your late-game power.

Warlock Build Late Game

The strategy we’re going to focus on is that the currently hugely popular Warriors + Warlocks use the powerful Disrutor Ace bonus to maintain + Troll Warlord for damage. That said, Warlocks is very flexible and can include (4) Warlocks in other types of strategies.

Below, you’ll see another variation of (4) Warlock’s final draft:

This is much less standard but I decided to include it to show that (4) Warlock build can be successfully integrated into other strategies – in this case, Hunters + Savage.

The player in this example decides to keep (4) his Savage unit because he has a Summon Stone and Veno, Lycan, and Lone benefit greatly from it. Reward (3) Hunters make Lycan even stronger (he is the priority to upgrade three stars).

Warlock Build

Getting a three-star disruptor is extremely unusual, but the draft works well with a two-star disruptor. Furthermore, the frontline position is not normal (you usually want to swap the positions of Disruptor and Lycan), but in this case, the player is trying to avoid the silence of your opponent’s Human on Disruptor.


Insane sustain, making your entire squad incredibly difficult to destroy. Some warlocks in Warlock build that do good AoE damage (Disruptor, Shadow Fiend) can heal two units (or more with Ace rewards) almost instantly.


While the Alliance bounty is extremely good, the individual units (with some exceptions) are not staggering. However, in return, they’re pretty snappy – there’s some tanks, some damage, and some utility heroes.