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Dota2 – Instructions to play Slark patch 7.27 SumaiL style

Instructions to play Slark

Instructions to play Slark

Today we are going to look at one of the new Slark builds in patch 7.27, from SumaiL ‘SumaiL’ Syed Hassan.

The newly released patch 7.27 hasn’t changed any heroes, but it has basically stirred up the zoo meta, modifying the Necronomicon and Helm of Dominator. A series of items and map changes bring dramatic changes to today’s heroes, as well as new builds we’ve never seen before.

Slark and benefit changes

Instructions to play Slark

Changing Item in patch 7.27 has brought Slark to the new perfect position. While he was pretty good in patch 7.26c, Silver Edge changed and the presence of the new Blitz Knuckles item pushed him to new heights. Blitz Knuckles costs 1000 gold, +35 attack speed, and is used on Shadow Blade or Monkey King Bar.

Taking advantage of the increased attack speed from this new item, SumaiL can stack Essence Shift at an extremely fast speed, and ‘glide’ in team fights easily by returning to the invisible gameplay.

Echo Saber is now an item on Silver Edge, which is considered a huge increase since previously Echo Saber used to take away an item box for later stages of the game.

New laning phase

Instructions to play Slark

SumaiL didn’t change much in the early game, prioritizing trade hits to stack Essence Shift when possible, while focusing on eating range creeps with allies in the lane. His goal is to complete the Wraith Band and Magic Wand to take control in the early game, while on Power Treads. Slark has a big advantage against offlane heroes: SumaiL usually gains a stack of 3-4 Essence during trade hit and forces the opponent to retreat.

Doing so continuously during the laning phase, will make every hero unable to trade hits in their favor, and are forced to leave his lane or bring additional support to support them. That helped the remaining cores on the team be relieved at the rest of the map.

Another important change during the laning phase of 7.27 was the turret damage decreased and the turret attack speed increased.

Now, you need to shot Range creeps 3 times before the last hit, instead of 2 like previous. Melee Creep needs 6 shots before being the last hit. These changes contributed to the win rates of Centaur, Ax, and Timbersaw. These heroes benefit more from turret firing quicker in certain situations.

Slark Mid game

Instructions to play Slark

Having the Echo Saber will greatly increase his power, making it easier to finish off the support, but the SumaiL’s focus is to farm to the next items to be stronger. The new Blitz Knuckles item seems to have been created for him to use.

After acquiring Sange and Yasha, SumaiL began to increase his attack damage. The slowing effect of Echo Saber and the movement speed of Sange and Yasha allows SumaiL to chase after the opponent, easily increasing the power with fast hand attacks.

Before starting to join the team, SumaiL first completed Silver Edge with gold to destroy the outer turret and gank a few solo heroes. This allowed Slark to switch to the more single hunting, popular when the hero rushed Shadow Blade.

The support of the opponent will have some troubles before building this build. The maneuverability and ability to escape makes it very difficult for the supports to choose a safe position in the teamfight. During the mid-game, SumaiL makes use of his passive to find wards and keeps a Sentry with him all the time so he doesn’t need to rely on support in the team.

Late game

After completing the mid-game items and starting to join the teamfight, SumaiL continued to control the match. He actively played with the team in the opponent’s jungle and kept enough ‘big brains’ prey to deward.

Besides, he also farmed the system on the opponent’s map before eating Roshan with the team and taking all the outermost towers with the first Aegis. If the match goes well, SumaiL is not afraid of late-game at this point, but in more intense matches, before destroying enemies’ high ground, he usually waits for the second Aegis.

With the abundant amount of gold gained after completing core items in the middle of the game, SumaiL has a lot of options to complete the build. Usually, he will split Sange and Yasha to go to Heaven’s Halberd, used to prevent enemy carry trade hit.

Other good choices include Skadi for stacking slow on opponents, Abyssal Blade for blocking the mobile cores, or Money King Bar for dodging. Whatever the item builds, SumaiL makes sure to prioritize jumping on the mobile and thinnest opponent on the enemy team, burst them first, and chase after the other enemies.

SumaiL has been spamming Slark since 7.27, and it would be nice to see him return to the pro scene more often.