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Double Poney vs sAw Prediction – ESEA Season 38 – 09/28

Double Poney vs sAw Prediction

Double Poney vs sAw prediction on September 28, 2021. Unlike Group B ESEA Season 38: Premier Division – EU, Group A now everything was soon arranged when the top 4 left their opponents behind to 2 victories. The match between Double Poney and sAw also followed, but only meant to exchange and learn. Because Double Poney was sure of the next place and sAw had no door to break into the top 4.

Double Poney Overview

Double Poney vs sAw Prediction

Double Poney’s world ranking also improved (30) and sAw dropped dramatically (61st). Therefore, this is absolutely an opportunity for Double Poney to have sweet revenge against an annoying opponent, sAw. The performance of the two sides after 6 matches is also quite different. Double Poney won 5 and lost only 1 match, ranking first in Group A.

sAw Overview

Double Poney vs sAw Prediction

There is an interesting statistic right now that Double Poney has never won against sAw in the past. Specifically, in all 4 encounters, they lost all 4 of them. However, things changed too quickly at this point when Double Poney won all of the last 5 matches while sAw only had 1 win, the rest were all lost. sAw themselves don’t have much motivation to play and if they lose 0-2. It’s quite normal because even if there is still hope of progressing. They are still performing a very disappointing play for the fans.

Double Poney vs sAw Prediction

It is very unlikely that sAw can surprise Double Poney with the current bad form. The whole team will have to quickly revive their spirits, not in this tournament but in other tournaments, they are attending. There are also witnessing extremely poor play from sAw. 

Double Poney is very sublimated with a series of wins. So it would not be strange if this match ends with a score of 2-0 for Double Poney. Comparing the win rate in the competitive maps before this bo3 took place, Double Poney is completely superior to Saw. Only on the Nuke map, they weaker than the opponent (64% vs. 67% won of sAw). 

Double Poney vs sAw Prediction

The problem is that the ratio difference is not significant and if Double Poney bans this map. It is considered that sAw will soon “suffer the battle” when it is impossible to know which map to hope to be able to turn the table. Only 1 game won. Mirage is a two-way map with no parameters because of very little play. So this will be the first ban of either side in the next turn. 

In general, this will be a one-way match for Double Poney, sAw has no motivation so they will also play superficially. Losing the whole pistols round until hitting 5 relatively easily against Double Poney. Just like that, Double Poney snowballed to earn key rounds, thereby ending the match quickly.

Double Poney vs sAw Bet Prediction

Double Poney vs sAw total score prediction: 2 – 0

First 5 rounds:

  • Game 1: Double Poney 
  • Game 2: Double Poney 

Total rounds:

  • Game 1: Double Poney 16 – 7 sAw (Choose Double Poney – Under)
  • Game 2: Double Poney 16 – 9 sAw (Choose Double Poney – Under)


Double Poney: Body, Lucky, Ex3rcice, Djoko, afro

sAw: story, rmn, JUST, MUTiRiS, Stadodo