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Dragon Quest 11 Guide – Tips And Tricks For Newbies

Dragon Quest 11

Dragon Quest 11: Echoes of an Elusive Age is a turn-and-through Japanese role-playing game, and that means it has a lot of conventions and mechanics common to the genre. It’s a mix of big scale and micromanagement (in a good way), that’s just a lot to juggle all at once.

Exploration Is Rewarded – Dragon Quest 11

Dragon Quest 11

Since the game is a slow burn, there is no rush, so you can poke around every area of ‚Äč‚ÄčErerea you can explore. You’ll almost always find sparkles in each location (more on those below), but there’s usually much more to discover.

Most of the area is, to excess it, a corridor – you’re there to get from point A to point B. But there are diversion roads and dead ends. They will usually lead you to a treasure chest with a valuable goodie inside. Similarly, look behind everything. There is usually a treasure chest behind the main building in an area – this can be the only building in the forest or the local leader in a city.

It’s a lot of work to explore every twist and turn, but the things you pick up will help you on your journey.

Do Not Fight Every Monster

Dragon Quest 11

Dragon Quest 11‘s monsters respawn endlessly, and that means you’ll never run out of baddies to grind for XP and regular items. However, there is a time and a place for the respawn.

Monsters drop into each area that matches your level when you get there. It won’t take much work to get through that, though, and that means fighting every monster you encounter quickly becomes not worth your time.

You can see the monsters as you go through the overworld and you can always outrun them, so you’re in control of the battles. Since you can avoid them if you want, you can decide when and what monsters to fight. If you’ve leveled everyone in the field (or even gotten most of their next level), you can probably start skipping battles. That will make you progress through the story, rather than exhausting yourself in each area.

Check Map Constantly

Your map does a few things to help you out, there’s a helpful text box in the upper right that will give you some quick guidance on where to go next as you continue in your quest to save the world. And you can see adjacent areas as you figure out where you’re going.

You can also rotate the camera while looking at the map. It’s easy to get back in the overworld of Dragon Quest 11. “You’re here” the arrow on the map shows you how you’re pointing, so by looking at the map and turning the camera you can Make sure you’re RE Pointed – and standing in the right direction – on the right track.

Most importantly, though, you can pull up every sparkle in the area. These points are crafting supply slots where you’ll choose what goes into your fun dimension smithy.

Loot Everything – Dragon Quest 11

Dragon Quest 11

The houses are where you’ll find some of the game’s best loot. Nearly every house (that you can enter) in every city will have a cupboard or dresser or bookshelf or some combination thereof. You can get the usual comment from nearby NPCs about taking everyone else’s stuff but without negative consequences. And that means anything not nailed is yours to take.

It takes a lot of time to poke through every house in every city you visit, but like sparkles, your efforts will pay off.