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Dragunov Loadout And Attachments Guide For Modern Warfare

Dragunov Loadout

As the only semi-automatic sniper rifle available on Modern Warfare, the Dragunov offers long-range fast shots at a cost of less damage compared to its fast-firing counterparts. With Season 5 rolling out, we’ll show you, three Dragunov loadouts will make you a proficient user of the Soviet sniper.

Dragunov loadout 1 – More Damage!

Dragunov Loadout

The first Dragunov loadout offers an increased damage level to reduce the chance of hitting a nasty marker.


  • Compensator (Muzzle)
  • Cronen C480 Pro Optic (Optic)
  • FTAC Hunter-Scout (Stock)
  • 660mm Extended Barrel (Barrel)
  • 15 Round Mags (Ammunition)

This attachment set gives Dragunov the required amount of damage along with some increased maneuverability to make it usable at a closer range.


  • E.O.D (Perk 1)
  • Ghost (Perk 2)
  • Shrapnel (Perk 3)

Appears in the game with an additional damage equipment section that can be used to attack a target or protect the building you are hiding in it.


  • C4 (Lethal)
  • Heartbeat Sensor (Tactical)

Nothing is more satisfying than a well-timed C4 throw and detonation. Use it after luring your enemy and throw it behind you so they enter it unaware of the surprise you left them.

Dragunov loadout 2 – Semi-Auto AK

With a heavy resemblance to the AK47 Assault Rifle (AR), this version of the Dragunov loadout is ideal for mid-range fights.


  • 510mm Compact Barrel (Barrel)
  • Scout Combat Optic (Optic)
  • FTAC Stalker-Scout (Stock)
  • Frangible – Disabling (Perk)
  • 20 Round Mags (Ammunition)

The increased magazine capacity eliminates the need to reload while deactivation can slow down enemies, making it easy for your target to finish off.


  • Double Time (Perk 1)
  • Hardline (Perk 2)
  • Battle Hardened (Perk 3)

Increased mobility even further by increasing the tactical springtime with hard lanes making the kill a little easier.


  • Semtex (Lethal)
  • Gas Grenade (Tactical)

When it comes to choosing your lethal equipment and tactics, it depends on personal preference. Semtex is great for clinging to window frames where enemies can hide and gas grenades can deal damage gradually, making it the perfect tool for puncturing a hard spot.

Loadout 3 – Sneaky Beaver

Dragunov Loadout

The third and final Dragunov loadout for this tutorial is aimed at players who use the art of stealth to kill them.


  • Monolithic Suppressor (Muzzle)
  • 660mm Extended Barrel (Barrel)
  • VLK Lightweight Stock (Stock)
  • VLK 3.0x Optic (Optic)
  • Bipod (Underbarrel)

These attachments of this Dragunov loadout conceal your position without affecting too much output damage. Using a kickstand is in your favor if you choose to engage an opponent while crouching or lying on their stomach.


  • Cold Blooded (Perk 1)
  • High Alert (Perk 2)
  • Amped (Perk 3)

To stay aware of any threats spying on you, equip high alert to make your screen blink when enemies see you.


  • C4 (Lethal)
  • Smoke Grenade (Tactical)

C4 is quickly becoming one of the popular damage items on Modern Warfare. Its large blast radius gives it great potential to score multiple lives after one use.

Field Upgrades

  • Recon Droner

Locate the opposition by guiding the drone scouting around the map and marking where the enemy is hiding.