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Dreamscaper Guide – Things You Should Know Before Started


Dreamscaper is a Roguelike action that has you going through different dungeons and emptying each loot room and enemy. You die, and the game starts all over again – a simple formula that most Roguelike fans will instantly get on board. The game does a few things differently, and there are many qualities you must respect and understand before you dive into the dream world and the waking world.

A Story Unfolding


Roguelike incorporates more and more related stories, like the case of Morta’s child, Hades, and Isaac’s bondage. Dreamscaper is no different. As you progress through your relationships and dungeons in the game, the story of the character you play unfolds.

At the start of the game, you’re just playing as a quiet girl named Cassidy who seems to have something bothering her. You can learn about her family, her town, and why the devil is fighting her every time she goes to bed. Each dungeon is going deeper into Cassidy’s subconscious and starts a new chapter in the story. If you don’t care about the story, this game might not work for you when the world wakes up playing a big part in collecting heat while you sleep.

All About Timing


It’s not about hitting the hardest or getting the best upgrades. It’s about staying alive and down to your time. Healing in Dreamscaper is difficult, you will rarely find health potions or opportunities to save and move on. That’s why dodging and avoiding hits is where it is.

It’s not an epic gamer who can kill and overcome every enemy and the game, it’s about dying and trying again. The more you do this, the more you learn the flow of combat and enemies in DreamScape. This allows you to understand when to hide and when to be attacked. Getting your timing right will make this game easy.

Relationships – Dreamscaper

When you form a bond or relationship with NPCs, they give you lovers when you go to sleep and start collecting dungeon heat. These are called influences, you can only have one item at a time. Influence aids you by promoting a specific type of attack as you go into battle. You can choose to increase your damage (insight attacks), fire attacks, your defense, and more.

7 influences:

  • Eve’s perception.
  • Tamal’s passion
  • Rose’s Wit.
  • Alison’s World.
  • Bruce’s Wisdom
  • Fernando’s dedication.
  • Carl’s Creation

Socializing and developing relationships with each character in the waking world makes Cassidy stronger and more powerful. If you want to get better with each level, you have to make sure to form relationships around town.

Unlock Different Weapons – Dreamscaper


Each run is random. You’ll get different weapon choices each time you go into the dream world, but your options are heavily limited at the start. Developing relationships will allow you to unlock new weapons. These can then input the rotation of weapons you can use on your runs.

There are up to 14 ranged and melee weapons, which you can unlock through awakening world ties. There are up to 24 ranged and melee weapons you can find as you progress through the dungeon on your own. Passion in the story behind Dreamscaper is how you will make Cassidy stronger.