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DRX vs Nongshim RedForce prediction – KESPA CUP 2020 – 12/23/2020

DRX vs Nongshim RedForce prediction

DRX vs Nongshim RedForce prediction

DRX vs Nongshim RedForce prediction on December 12, 2020. The LCK runner-up as well as the defeat against DAMWON themself in the world finals has caused the internal of this team to have an extremely strong chance. Entering this tournament, the main goal that DRX wants is to help the players understand and play well together in preparation for the upcoming big tournaments.

DRX overview – DRX vs Nongshim RedForce prediction

Nongshim RedForce will be the next challenge that DRX needs to overcome and it will be the time for Pyosik and his teammates to show their strength against an opponent who is also having a lot of turmoil in the squad this season.

It can be seen that with the loss of a series of core players of the team such as Chovy, Doran, Deft, or Keria, the strength of DRX dropped a large array. On their first day of competition in the 2020 KeSPA Cup group stage, DRX brought in one win and one loss after two matches. However, it can be considered as a not too bad achievement when their defeat was against defending World Championship champion 202 – DAMWON Gaming. However, the DRX vs Nongshim RedForce prediction experts thinks that this final day of competition will also be a big challenge for them because the other two opponents are not medium-sized and own players with no less ability.

Nongshim RedForce overview

Also clashing with DAMWON Gaming on the first day of the match, even though owning a not bad team, Nongshim RedForce also had to admit defeat and receive a win, one loss after two matches. However, the bookmaker thinks that Nongshim RedForce has a lot of potentials to grow when they first recruit talented and experienced players like Peanut or Kellin.

This next day of competition, according to the bookmaker’s assessment, will not be too difficult for Nongshim RedForce. However, the results still have to wait and see if their new and old players can perform well and develop well. If it goes well, getting a spot in the playoffs won’t be a big deal for the team.

More about Nongshim RedForce, they understand how strong they are and the members will only know how to play their best to learn from the strong teams in the same group in the KeSPA Cup. DRX is also one of them because, despite the big change in the roster, they are still a formidable team that forces Nongshim RedForce to play cautiously and concentrate if they want to get a positive result here.

DRX vs Nongshim RedForce prediction

It is quite surprising that it is Nongshim RedForce who are more appreciated by the dealer in this battle compared to DRX. In terms of humans, it is not known which cats bite, but DRX is not bad in previous matches, enough for the fans to be somewhat secure in the new faces joining the DRX roster.

The first battle network will be extremely unpredictable when both sides continuously actively capture people and exchange skills back and forth in the streets. DRX is also not afraid of Nongshim RedForce and makes good use of the opponent’s mistakes to take the lead in terms of money and kills. The confidence will help DRX maintain the distance and thereby make Nongshim RedForce fall into a passive defensive state.

Fighting continuously occurs because DRX understands that they need to achieve many big goals before the opponent can “green” back and successfully overturn. Capturing the total number of kills is probably the optimal solution because both parties play very comfortably without worrying about keeping their lives.

This tournament is just for them to practice as well as help each other get the chemistry between the members, and DRX is the one who did better to give me the final victory in the Bo1 match against Nongshim RedForce.

Line up

  • DRX: Kingen, Pyosik, SOLKA, BAO, Becca
  • Nongshim RedForce: Rich, Peanut, Bay, deokdam, Kellin

The total score of DRX vs Nongshim RedForce

  • Game 1: DRX
  • Total 1-0 (DRX wins)

First Blood DRX vs Nongshim RedForce prediction

  • Game 1: Nongshim RedForce

Total kills

  • Game 1: DRX 26 – 22 Nongshim RedForce

The first Dragon Kill

  • Game 1: DRX