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DWG KIA vs Fredit BRION Prediction – LCK Summer – 08/05

DWG KIA vs Fredit BRION prediction

DWG KIA vs Fredit BRION prediction

DWG KIA vs Fredit BRION prediction on August 05, 2021. Obviously, DWG KIA will still be the more appreciated team in this confrontation against Fredit BRION. Although there was a period when DWG KIA players played quite unstable, experts believe that in this important period they will not make unnecessary mistakes.

DWG KIA Overview

As expected, the DWG KIA players won’t stumble twice in a row against underdog opponents. After the unexpected defeat against Afreeca Freecs, the DWG KIA players quickly regained their spirits. They defeated their opponent KT Rolster with an overwhelming score of 2-0. Up to now, DWG KIA has played a total of fifteen matches in the group stage of this LCK Summer 2021 season and brought them nine victories. 

This not-so-excellent achievement is only helping DWG KIA to get a fourth place on the standings. However, the current gap between DWG KIA and the team in the top 2 is not too big. Just being able to do well in these final matches does not mean that DWG KIA can’t continue to improve their rankings to have a better start when it comes to the playoffs.

Fredit BRION Overview

With five wins and ten losses after fifteen matches since entering the group stage of the LCK Summer 2021 season until now, Fredit BRION is still struggling at the bottom of the rankings. Although the chance for them to get a ticket to the playoffs is still there, it is very small. Especially when the opponents in these last matches of Fredit BRION are mostly capable of surpassing them. However, experts believe that Fredit BRION players will not give up easily. Let’s wait and see if these last efforts of Fredit BRION are rewarded with a worthy result.

DWG KIA vs Fredit BRION prediction

Although this year DWG KIA played quite an unstable game or a bad game. In the end, they are still the best controlling team in the LCK next to Gen.G and Nongshim RedForce. Considered as a candidate for the championship, surely DWG KIA will not miss this opportunity to quickly improve their ranking, at least take 3rd place from SANDBOX’s hand. 

A match that DWG KIA will have to play carefully from the beginning. Because Fredit BRION always knows how to make it difficult for DWG KIA whenever they met. They are ready to play tit-for-tat DWG KIA and even during gameplay. Capturing as well as entering and exiting fights as if they were the upper hand compared to DWG KIA in the previous meeting. 

However, that scenario can hardly be repeated in the next match when DWG KIA will have both precautions and study of Fredit BRION’s gameplay. There are quite a few unreasonable points in the way Fredit BRION’s moves last time. Like a double-edged sword, either helping them successfully create a big advantage to snowball. Or they will lose everything after just 1 broken teamfight.

DWG KIA vs Fredit BRION bet prediction

DWG KIA vs Fredit BRION total score prediction:

  • Game 1: DWG KIA
  • Game 2: DWG KIA

Total score 2-0

First Blood:

  • Game 1: DWG KIA
  • Game 2: Fredit BRION

Total Kill Point:

  • Game 1: DWG KIA 13 – 8 Fredit BRION ( DWG KIA – Under)
  • Game 2: DWG KIA 12 – 5 Fredit BRION ( DWG KIA – Under)

First Dragon:

  • Game 1: DWG KIA
  • Game 2: DWG KIA

First Baron:

  • Game 1: DWG KIA
  • Game 2: DWG KIA


DWG KIA: Khan, Ghost, Canyon, ShowMaker, BeryL

Fredit BRION: Hoya, Hena, Umti, Lava, Delight