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⁠DWG KIA vs KT Rolster Prediction – LPL 2021 Spring – 03/27/2021

DWG KIA vs KT Rolster prediction

DWG KIA vs KT Rolster prediction

DWG KIA vs KT Rolster prediction on March 26, 2021. LCK Spring 2021 group stage is gradually coming to an end and DWG KIA with their destructive form continues to reign at number one on the rankings.

DWG KIA Overview

Having earned themselves fifteen victories and only two failures in seventeen matches, DWG KIA is completely at the top of the table and is not intimidated by any other team. Opponent KT Rolster in the final match of DWG KIA in this LCK Spring 2021 group stage, possesses strength and performance that are much inferior to them. The DWG KIA vs KT Rolster prediction expert believes that as long as the DWG KIA players don’t break the game, it won’t be a big deal for them to win this match.

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KT Rolster Overview

Consecutively losing two games in their ninth week of competition to Hanwha Life Esports and Gen.G Esports, KT Rolster currently has eleven defeats in the LCK Spring 2021 group stage.

With just six wins, the KT Rolster players are only able to secure seventh place on the standings. However, the opportunities for KT Rolster players are not yet completely closed.

If winning in the last two matches this last week, KT Rolster can still advance to the top 6 on the rankings. Obviously, it is not easy when in those two teams the defending champion of World Championship 2020 is DWG KIA.

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DWG KIA vs KT Rolster prediction

Without much analysis, DWG KIA’s current strength and performance are completely overwhelming compared to KT Rolster at the moment. With its poor performance, KT Rolster is completely underdog and underdogs in this match-up.

With what the DWG KIA players are showing, the DWG KIA vs KT Rolster prediction expert does not have much faith in KT Rolster’s chance to surprise. It is highly likely that this match will end neatly after two games with an overwhelming victory for the players of the DWG KIA.

DWG KIA vs KT Rolster result prediction

Total Score

  • Game 1: DWG KIA
  • Game 2: DWG KIA
  • Total score 2-0

Total Kill Points

  • Game 1: DWG KIA 14-6 KT Rolster
  • Game 2: DWG KIA 18-11 KT Rolster

First Blood

  • Game 1: KT Rolster
  • Game 2: DWG KIA

First Dragon

  • Game 1: DWG KIA
  • Game 2: DWG KIA

First Baron

  • Game 1: DWG KIA
  • Game 2: DWG KIA


  • DWG KIA: Khan, Canyon, ShowMaker, Ghost, BeryL
  • KT Rolster: Doran, GIDEON, Ucal, HyBriD, Zzus