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Dying Light Platinum Edition – Best Guns You Might Want To Know

Dying Light Platinum Edition

Dying Light Platinum Edition has built its reputation as one of the most in-depth and adventurous zombie games out there. The fact that it comes with a dizzying amount of options for melee weapons is compelling enough. However, it also allows you to spice up the battle by providing you with several mounts. Means guns, lots of guns.

Rais’ Gun

Dying Light Platinum Edition 2
  • Firepower: 247
  • Accuracy: 95
  • Rate of Fire: 60

This is another reason to kill Rais in Dying Light Platinum Edition. The rogue villain has caused many problems for Crane since day one so it was only natural to take one of his most valuable assets as a token. Rais’ Gun is that token and it’s really just a variant or custom version of the German 9mm Pistol that deals better damage and has a better rate of fire.

Rais’ Gun fires in three bursts that do more than a thousand damage, assuming all bullets hit the target and count towards skill points and other summoner spells. When it comes to ammo capacity, Rais’ guns are also reliable enough against the usual hordes of zombies. You only need to complete the side quest ‘The Shadow of the King’ given by Ishaq in Old Town if you want to get the Rais’ gun.

Police Rifle – Dying Light Platinum Edition

Dying Light Platinum Edition 1
  • Firepower: 184
  • Accuracy: 75
  • Rate of Fire: 100

There are two main and common types of rifles or automatic weapons in the game: Military Rifles and Police Rifles. You would think that Army-grade guns are better but Police Rifles actually do more damage per round. The downside is that it’s semi-automatic, but that’s not the point.

First of all, shooting is a double-edged sword in Dying Light because it attracts infected into the void of noise. Second, fully automatic firing costs you more ammo and also doesn’t help train your accuracy. Heck, you don’t even have to consider that factor, just looking at it from a survivalist’s perspective will make the operation of Police Rifle more favorable. It provides more damage per bullet.

Semi-Automatic Shotgun

  • Firepower: 683
  • Accuracy: 25
  • Rate of Fire: 30

The Semi-Auto Shotgun is one of the weakest in its weapon class, but that doesn’t make it the worst. In fact, it can even be more useful in many situations where making slower-firing but more powerful guns cumbersome. The semi-automatic firing rate of the semi-automatic Shotgun allows you to kill multiple hordes of zombies in quick succession.

That somewhat makes up for its low damage and poor accuracy. In Dying Light Platinum Edition, that kind of ability was a lifesaver even in a casual activity like exploration. In night runs, it helps with fast-moving enemies as you have a better chance of hitting them again if you miss instead of begging them to stay still with a double-barreled gun in hand.

V-40 Suspender – Dying Light Platinum Edition

Dying Light Platinum Edition
  • The last shot in the magazine with the freeze effect applied

Like V-23 Erase, V-40 Suspender is also a mod from a special event and DLC. However, this one is only available for pistols but the effects make it a worthy weapon slot investment. That’s because the last round of any weapon modified by the V-40 Suspender will create a stagnation or freeze effect.

It will freeze any target hit for a few seconds. This allows you to reload or exit, making it a useful tool. In addition to the freezing effect, the V-40 Suspender also modifies the weapon’s appearance and adds some lights, giving the pistol a futuristic effect.

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