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Dynasty Warriors 9 Guide – Tips To Help Newbies Survive

Dynasty Warriors 9

With a wide open-world approach to the legendary Hack-N-Slash series, Dynasty Warriors 9 has plenty to keep you busy. There are a few tips for your first few hours in the game. 

Finding Warrior – Dynasty Warriors 9

Your first mission will be to choose which story you want to follow, then decide which warrior you control. The stories don’t differentiate much, so it’s really more about the character you’re most comfortable with.

Dynasty Warriors 9

As you progress, you will unlock more warriors to use, as the roster in Dynasty Warriors 9 is quite large. Remember that each warrior has a ‘favorite weapon’, which when used allows them to trigger ‘unique attacks’ that cannot be used.

Gem Infusions, your weapons, consumables, and more. will work from game to game, so you’re free to meddle with all the available starting characters until you find your comfort zone. The weapon moves don’t change drastically, but being comfortable with your gear is important in any game, really.

Map Control

Dynasty Warriors 9 is no different from the others in the sense that map control is crucial. Pay attention to how and where enemies (red) are moving, and where your troops (blue) need help or reinforcement. Don’t just focus on quests, capture territories, and bases!

Dynasty Warriors 9

On the map, you will see some important icons. Some you really want to pay attention to are: cross sword, tent/city, and tent/guard combo. These areas will allow you to fend off large enemy forces for a bit, and then take over territory. By doing so, you get a number of benefits. You now have access to the resources the base already has (located in breakable crates) and control enough territory that can even lower the level of your main quest, by providing Give your team more to work with turning Tide of Battle.

Most quests and side quests are available on the map at all times, so don’t just rush in without being aware of the extent of the quest.

Exploration And Harvesting

You are free to explore at your leisure during your reign in Dynasty Warriors 9. We highly suggest spending a good amount of time exploring the map and gathering materials early, as it will make crafting and trading simpler in the long run.

Dynasty Warriors 9

Keep an eye out for colored butterflies as you explore, especially those that are purple, blue, or yellow. These butterflies indicate the placement of items, rare or otherwise, but special colors are rare items. Whenever you get an on-screen notification of a rare commodity nearby, get there quickly and pay attention to where it’s marked on the map! These will always be large groups of worthwhile items, often great to craft or great value for sale. Keep a large supply of items and you’ll never be left to dry when trying to craft.

While you’re running around looking for collectibles or opening treasure chests located on the map (another thing you should do a lot), always look for sentinels. Like sync points in Assassin’s Creed, they’ll reveal parts of the map and mark items and areas of interest to you.