April 19, 2021


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Dyrroth Mobile Legends New Season: Build Up, Emblems



Dyrroth the Prince of Abyss is the Fighter in Mobile Legends. He’s one of the only heroes in Mobile Legends who can boost his skills with the help of passivity. Hold on tight?

Skills of Dyrroth


Passive: Wrath of the Abyss

Skills and basic attack of Dyrroth give him Rage.

When his Rage reaches 50%, he will enhance Burst Strike and Specter Step.

After every 2 basic attacks, he unleashes Circle Strike, dealing (+ 140% Total Attack Damage) physical damage to enemies in the circle and healing HP according to the damage he does cause. Each time he hits an enemy hero, the cooldowns of Burst Strike and Specter Step are reduced by 1 second.

Sibling Rivalry: He gains 1% Attack Speed ​​while

Silvanna Silvanna is on the opposing team.

He heals for 40% of the damage done by Circle Strike, halved to 20% for minions.

‘Circle Strike can Critical Icon crit and benefit from Physical Lifesteal, but does not apply Basic Attack effects; instead, it is counted as a skill and can benefit from Item Effects.

Skill 1: Burst Strike

He unleashes Burst Strike in a target direction, dealing 200/250/300/350/400/450 (+ 60% Bonus Attack Damage) physical damage to enemies along the way and slowing them by 25%, Lasts 1.5 seconds.

Abyss Enhanced: Burst Strike has a longer range, dealing 140% of initial damage and slowing them by 50%.

Damage gradually decreases against the same target.

Skill 2: Spectre Step

He lunged in the direction he intended. He stops when he hits the target, dealing 230/255/280/305/330/355 (+ 60% Bonus Attack Damage) physical damage to the enemy. When he uses this skill again, he locks the target and releases Fatal Strike, dealing 345/390/435/480/525/570 (+ 120% Bonus Attack Damage) physical damage and reduces the target’s Physical Defense by 50%. in 4 seconds.

Abyss Enhanced: Fatal Strike deals 150% of initial damage, slows the target by 90%, and reduces the target’s physical defense by 75% for 4 seconds.

Skill 3: Abysm Strike

Dyrroth quickly charges and unleashes Abysm Strike, dealing physical damage equal to 650/950/1250 (+ 250% Additional Attack Damage) points plus 20% of the enemy’s HP lost to enemies along the way. and slow them by 55% for 0.8 seconds.

Battle spells and Emblems for Dyrroth

Battle spell:

Purify – Retribution


  • Fighter Emblem: Bravery – Invasion – Festival of Blood
  • Assassin Emblem: Agility – Invasion – Killing Spree

How to build items for Dyrroth

  • Swift Boots + Demon Hunter Sword + Berserker’s Fury + Scarlett Phantom + Haa’s Claw + Blade of Despair
  • Magic Shoes + Endless Battle + Berserker’s Fury + Scarlett Phantom + Blade of Despair + Queen’s Wings
  • Swift Boots + Demon Hunter Sword + Berserker’s Fury + Haa’s Claw + Blade of Despair + Scarlett Phantom

Tips when playing Dyrroth

Dyrroth is not a complicated combat hero at all. He has a gameplay similar to Guinevere and Badang, and will passively activate only after a certain amount of basic attacks.

Considering Dyrroth a fighting hero, you should be able to wander often in each lane. And delivering quality ganks that turns into a kill. Since he uses Rage instead of mana, you can spam his skills on your opponents to blame them. It is an effective way to wipe out enemies on the way.

Before starting a clash, make sure your skill 2, Specter Step is an elevated chasm. Use good skill and make sure it hits the enemy to knock them back. After the enemy is knocked back, use this skill again to cast Fatal Strike. Follow it with your ULT and then your skill 1 to short your combos.