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E-sport betting Types and some E-sports betting tips for CMD368 bettors

Surely you are no stranger to the concept of esports - electronic sports? ESports is becoming a professional sport with the support of a large number of game lovers. As the flow of development, types of E-sport betting types ...

Surely you are no stranger to the concept of esports – electronic sports? ESports is becoming a professional sport with the support of a large number of game lovers. As the flow of development, types of E-sport betting types have a slow start, but has accelerated over the past two years. The growth is so explosive that it is estimated that the global e-sport betting market will reach nearly $ 30 billion by 2020.

But how many types of Esports Betting in the current market. The following article, CMD368-Prestigious Betting House From Europe, will help you understand more about E-sport betting types and e-sports betting tips according to your favored-bet options!

1. ESports – What is an esport?

ESports is the abbreviation for “Electronic sports”. This term refers to competitive games and video games. Or simply, this is a form of fighting competition of video game players.

E-sport betting Types and some E-sports betting tips for CMD368 bettors

Esports refers to competitive games and video games

This competition process not only takes place within a certain range, but players can play via the internet with anyone around the world. Currently, electronic sports are much loved and selected. There are many people who play games for entertainment, like to play alone but there are those who like to play against real opponents.

Professional e-sport is highly competitive and technically guaranteed. At the same time, players of this sport will practice and compete in major tournaments held to win prizes with millions of dollars.

Besides the E-sport competition process, there are also E-sport betting types and forms with different options. Through the electronic sports betting guide below for you to better understand!

2. Types of E-sports betting 

1. Bet real money

Real money E-sport betting types are a form of esports betting that is very close to betting from other traditional sports. This esport betting guide is like betting a football match, a boxing match or a golf tournament.

You place bets with real money at different odds and have been accepted. The payment will then be made if your choice is correct

We bet real money at the accepted odds and we get paid if the correct selection is made. We can bet on all types of results, including the winner of a match and the final winners of the tournament.

Real money betting is a form of close esport betting

2. Skin bet

Also known as item betting. If you love E-sport betting types, it is definitely not new to this form. Modern games will often have virtual currency and items that can be exchanged between players. And these assets are hunted by gamers.

Along with that, exchange websites are springing up to meet the needs of the players. Through this, gamers can exchange, buy and sell these items. There are also websites where players can use items to gamble. Through e-sports betting guides, players can bet on the results of e-sport matches but can also use them in other forms of gambling.

3. Social betting

Social betting is a fairly popular form for esports lovers. Through the internet, friends and relatives can bet on the results of the event. According to the esport betting guidelines, players often bet with money, skin or other items. Of course, the terms have been agreed and settled by both parties.

4. Fantasy betting

This is one of the E-sport betting types that is technically not the same as betting. Because this is the form like traditional sports daily. However, you need to build a lineup with esports players.

5. Betting challenge

Challenge betting, also known as rival betting. The opponents will compete against each other, if they win, they will receive real money, skins or items. There are many people who only make bets on the group together and settle the ordinary part after the competition has been completed.

Besides, there are also websites that organize contests. Through this, players or teams will have to pay fees to attend the competition. After winning, you will get a real amount and deduct the expenses paid.

E-sport betting Types and some E-sports betting tips for CMD368 bettors
Challenge betting, also known as head to head rival betting

3. Elements of Esports

  • E-sport game
  • Tournaments and e-sport federation
  • Team and e-sport player

Before you start betting on e-sport, it is essential that you have a good understanding of at least some video game play. You cannot make a good betting decision if you do not understand. You don’t need to be a real expert, but of course you need to understand the gameplay and the tactics involved.

Although there are many different e-sport games, most professional tournaments will have only a few popular titles. The following is a list of the most common games.

4. Popular e-sport games

Popular e-sport games

At CMD368, these are the most favored and sought-after most by CMD368 customers: Battlefield, Call of Duty, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, League of Legends, Dota 2, FIFA Football / Soccer. 

Apart from these, there are also other games, including:

  • Halo
  • Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • League of Legends
  • Overwatch
  • PUBG
  • Rocket League
  • Smite
  • Starcraft II
  • Street Fighter
  • Super Smash Bros.
  • World of Tanks

Remember you don’t need to learn ALL of these games. You should only learn about the E-sport betting types you are betting on. We can help you with this as we give you comprehensive instructions on each of the games listed above. See the following page for more information.

Tournaments and leagues

There are hundreds of tournaments and leagues organized around the world, but perhaps the best thing to do is start with the biggest tournaments. The following is a list of the most popular e-sport tournaments at the moment:

  • The International Dota2 Championships
  • Capcom Pro Tour
  • Call of Duty Championship
  • eGames
  • Evolution Championship Series
  • Major League Gaming
  • Intel Extreme Masters
  • Battle.net World Championship Series
  • Halo World Championships
  • League of Legends World Championships
  • World Electronic Sports Games

With CMD368, players are free to choose the best E-sport betting types and odds to win huge prices. Those above-mentioned tournaments and leagues are also supported in the service of CMD368. Apart from this, the most prominent feature is that live matches are displayed if they wish to, with the intention to help players catch up with the latest results as soon as is released and finished the esports matches.

5. Some E-sports betting tips in E-sport betting

  • You are a person who knows how to bet but not necessarily made a lot of money from this form. E-sports betting tips help you learn more about how to make money, but you need to be patient, invest the time and effort to be able to bypass bookmakers and get a total return.
  • However, first of the E-sports betting tips, you need to identify this form of entertainment and not necessarily just for the purpose of making money. When betting esport, you need to thoroughly understand the game and must master the basics.
  • In addition, it is necessary to regularly update the news as well as follow the matches, tournaments to classify the seed team, the team with high probability of winning. Next, you should carefully understand and understand the odds to have a better chance of winning.
  • Understand the odds and pay out: Odds remain the same regardless of what you bet on. In this article, we will explain the basics of odds, how they work, and we will tell you how to calculate a feasible payout.
  • Bankroll management & simple betting plans: Good bankroll management is essential for all gamblers and this article will give some useful tips on how to manage money and avoid losing your money.
  • Find the value in odds: The concept of value is one thing every gambler should understand. Therefore, we have written this article to explain in detail this concept and show you how to determine the value when betting.
  • Information storage & performance analysis; Storing details and analyzing your betting performance can be extremely beneficial. Here, we will show you how to do it effectively.
  • Compare odds & lines: This is one of the easiest ways to improve your betting results. Therefore, we have compiled a detailed guide on what you need to do and why. At CMD368, no need to worry about that, we guarantee at the highest compared to the standards.

6. Why do you choose CMD368:

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E-sport betting Types

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E-sport is gradually becoming a professional sport and a lot of people love it. If you want to bet, you can go to the website CMD368 and investigate the E-sport betting types and tournaments. This is one of the reputable sites that many people choose. The above article has guided electronic sports betting under the options. You can refer to above E-sports betting tips and choose for yourself the most suitable E-sport betting types!