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[Guide] How To Play E-sports Betting At CMD368?

E-Sports Betting

E-Sports Betting

Hi guys! Today I'm going to show everyone how to bet matches in e-sports at the CMD368 bookie. For CMD368 betting on what games, you can refer to the article introducing E-sports betting games at CMD368 ...

Hi guys! Today I’m going to show everyone how to bet matches in e-sports at the CMD368 bookie. For CMD368 betting on what games, you can refer to the article introducing E-sports betting games at CMD368.

What is E-sports?

Surely, the concept of E-sports is nothing new to those who have experience participating in entertainment at the bookie. But there are still many people still unfamiliar with this concept because in fact E-sports recently really developed, flourished.

Understandably, E-sports is a type of E-sports , and E-sports communities, formed only a few years ago, have attracted millions of members.

It is impossible to ignore the most outstanding games such as LOL (League of Legends), Dota2, CSGO, … Each game has its own appeal, both entertaining and bringing opportunities to earn money.

E-Sports Betting
E-Sports Betting

Not only stop at friendly matches, every year there are many big and small matches taking place a series of valuable prizes. The sport has officially become a part of online bookies like CMD368. And of course, E-sports is considered an intellectual sport.

How to play E-sports betting at the CMD368 bookie

To participate in E-sports betting or any game such as casino, lottery at CMD368, we need an account to log in. This account is what the dealer identifies to the player, distinguishing you from other players. It can be understood as if you need a key when you want to enter the bookie.

Setting up a CMD368 account is not difficult at all. It is important that you find the link to the standard CMD368, right at the main screen interface with the CMD368 Registration button. Click on the instructions that appear, you will update all the necessary data. At this time, the dealer takes a few minutes to confirm and you have your own account.

The way you play E-sports betting at the CMD368 bookie is as follows:

Step 1: Log into the bookie with the account you already have. The login button is at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Right on the main screen interface you will see Casino, lottery, sports, game slot, Esport. You click on Esport to bring the system to the new interface, bringing you into the games there.

Below is the main interface for betting:

E-Sports Betting
E-Sports Betting

At the top are the facilities to see [bet list], [transaction], [results] and [options] settings panel. If anyone has played sports at CMD368, it is not strange that these utilities are anymore.

  • [bet list]: see the list of bet tickets accepted by the dealer CMD368. Bets paid will not be shown here.
  • [transaction]: view history of bet tickets paid.
  • [results]: follow results of E-sports matches

To place a bet (1×2) on a sibling match, click on the odds as shown below:

E-Sports Betting

Immediately after that, on the left of the screen, a bet slip will appear

E-Sports Betting

You enter the amount you bet on the box (here I hit 20k, then enter is 20), then press [bet] is done.

E-Sports Betting

As shown above, my bet ticket has been accepted by the dealer.

In addition to winning or losing bets, you can bet on other categories by clicking the number [+16]. This number will change continuously over time.

To bet you also click on the odds and follow the steps such as betting on the winner or loser.

Alternatively, you can bet on the champion of a tournament by clicking on [bet on the champion team]. Then look for an e-sports tournament and bet your favorite team is done.

In addition, the E-sports at CMD368 also clearly shows the statistics of the competition team. It is an important utility that helps players analyze and make the best decisions.

You can even track live broadcasts of matches right on this E-sports CMD368 site. Certainly, the nervous atmosphere brings players a lot of mixed feelings.

E-sports betting trends at the CMD368 bookie

Most E-sports matches are organized, taking place on a large scale, with a full audience watching like a real sports match. From around 2016 until now, the trend of participating in online sports betting at bookmakers has increased sharply, this game officially enters the list of almost every bookmaker with sports betting items such as football, volleyball, basketball,…

Naturally, a reputable dealer like CMD368 also cannot ignore E-sports, the number of players participating in betting real money in E-sports CMD368 is increasing.

In order to serve the needs of the players as well as promote E-sports to develop stronger, CMD368 build betting systems with many attractive rafts. Some of E-sports ’ outstanding games appear in the bookie’s interface, players only need to access and select the rafter to bet. This, both support us to satisfy the passion of entertainment with E-sports is also an extremely effective opportunity to make money for CMD368 customers.

E-sports markets at the online betting site CMD368

For players, the choice of a match is very important, but we can not underestimate the choice of betting odds. CMD368 brings us a high-class, modern, secure E-sports betting site. Along with that are the betting odds with extremely rich, detailed odds table.

To bet effectively, we must understand those types of markets. It can be mentioned as handicap bets, winning bets, game bets, over/under bets, etc. Besides, there are also a series of special rafts for you to choose such as the team with 10 lives first, the market according to the competition map. truss time.

All bring players a rich entertainment space, creating a new feeling, avoiding boredom even if you are a long-term customer of this CMD368 bookie.

How to play E-sports betting easily won at the CMD368 bookie

If you want to participate in E-sports betting, you must catch some notes, experience as follows:

  • To thoroughly understand the E-sports that you intend to participate in, you must have an overview of it. Know what your game is going to be like, how to play it, etc.
  • Learn more about the gamers, judge them through the competition history, through the common groups. This helps you make an accurate guess about the winning ability of your team of interest.
  • Do not be greedy, bet all on a single match, a rafter.
  • Keep track of statistics related data that the bookie CMD368 provides, it is all useful information.
  • Refer to other gamers, they will help you analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each level. From there you can draw your own comments and wagers.

Conclude :

Above, we have come together to share on how to play E-sports betting at the bookie CMD368. This is a large, fair and safe entertainment place for everyone. Esport betting or any game we have to manipulate the intellect, speculate, synthesize information and devise the most optimal betting tactics.