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Edward Gaming vs ⁠ LNG Esports Prediction – LCK Spring 2021

Edward Gaming vs ⁠ LNG Esports prediction

Edward Gaming vs ⁠ LNG Esports prediction

Edward Gaming vs ⁠ LNG Esports prediction on March 11, 2021. Edward Gaming’s confidence in this match is huge when they just won against Rogue Warrior, experts still favor a victory for Edward Gaming in this match but it is not an easy victory.

Edward Gaming Overview

Edward Gaming had a thrilling match against Royal Never Give Up and ended with a close defeat 1-2. However, in this match, the Edward Gaming players also performed very well, especially jungle Jiejie. Receiving the second loss since entering with the group stage LPL Spring 2021 caused Edward Gaming to cede the top spot to Royal Never Give Up.

However, the group stage still has a short time to go and Edward Gaming still has a chance to regain their previous number one position. Or if the Edward Gaming players cannot continue to perform as well as before, they could completely be overtaken by their opponents and lose their current rankings.

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LNG Esports Overview

The form of LNG Esports in this LPL Spring 2021 group stage is not too outstanding, but not bad either. They’ve played eleven games so far and brought in six wins and five losses. This achievement is just enough for LNG Esports to get a ninth place on the rankings as well as a ticket to participate in the playoffs.

However, there are still many games before LNG Esports finishes their number of matches in the group stage, and opponents in the back like Victory Five or Bilibili Gaming are closely following. As Edward Gaming vs ⁠ LNG Esports prediction, if they want to keep this ranking before the group stage ends, the players will have to play very firmly in their last matches.

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Edward Gaming vs ⁠ LNG Esports prediction

This will be an unequal confrontation when one side is Edward Gaming keeping their performance very well and the other side is LNG Esports with unstable gameplay. Although sometimes LNG Esports also shows good strength, overall to be able to win against Edward Gaming is still a bit too much for them. As Edward Gaming vs ⁠ LNG Esports prediction, the players on the Edward Gaming sides like Jiejie or Viper are playing really well in recent matches and they can completely beat LNG Esports in this match with a score of 2-0.

Edward Gaming vs ⁠ LNG Esports result prediction

Total score

  • Game 1: ⁠⁠Edward Gaming
  • Game 2: Edward Gaming
  • Total score 2-0

Total Kill Points

  • Game 1: ⁠Edward Gaming 18-12 ⁠⁠LNG Esports
  • Game 2: Edward Gaming 21-14 ⁠⁠LNG Esports

First Blood

  • Game 1: ⁠⁠Edward Gaming
  • Game 2: LNG Esports

First Dragon

  • Game 1: ⁠⁠Edward Gaming
  • Game 2: Edward Gaming

First Baron

  • Game 1: ⁠⁠Edward Gaming
  • Game 2: Edward Gaming


  • Edward Gaming: Flandre, Jiejie, Scout, Viper, Meiko
  • LNG Esports: M1kuya, Tarzan, icon, Light, Iwandy

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