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EDward Gaming vs ⁠LNG Esports Prediction – LPL Summer – 08/05

EDward Gaming vs ⁠LNG Esports

EDward Gaming vs ⁠LNG Esports

EDward Gaming vs ⁠LNG Esports prediction on August 05, 2021. Obviously, with their very good performance, EDward Gaming will be the team that is more appreciated than the opponent in this match, LNG Esports. However, the house thinks that LNG Esports is also a very difficult opponent, and if subjective, EDward Gaming can completely receive bitter results.

EDward Gaming Overview

With their excellent performance since entering the group stage of the LPL Summer 2021 season until now, EDward Gaming is strongly occupying the number one position on the rankings. To get to the current position EDward Gaming has had to go through many difficulties against the top competitors in the region. 

Currently, the group stage has gradually come to an end and with the current performance, it is highly likely that EDward Gaming will keep a place in the top 2 to advance to the playoffs. However, before that, EDward Gaming still had some difficulties to go through and one of them was their opponent in this match, LNG Esports.

LNG Esports Overview

LNG Esports has had a fairly successful first phase in the group stage of this LPL Summer 2021 season. However, in the middle period when the top teams started to regain their form, LNG Esports slowed down a bit. Currently, after going through fifteen matches, LNG Esports players are bringing themselves ten wins and only five losses. 

This is not a bad achievement and helps LNG Esports take fifth place on the rankings. Although the time of the group stage is short, it is enough for LNG Esports to continue to improve their rankings to gain more advantages when entering the playoffs. Of course, to do that, LNG Esports players need to really promote their performance in these final matches.

EDward Gaming vs ⁠LNG Esports prediction

LNG Esports will still enter the match with great determination because they can still improve the rankings if they beat EDward Gaming. In the top 6, at least they have an advantage over the 7th to 10th positions. That’s why they will focus on attacking and looting resources early for EDward Gaming to snowball. 

Overwhelmed in the early game by LNG’s fast fighting style, EDward Gaming will also have an answer soon once they are stable again. EDward Gaming this year is also a team that plays well in the LPL next to FPX and RNG, the first victory is unpredictable once LNG Esports decides to play tit-for-tat. 

But in terms of skills or how to move, go in and out of teamfights, EDward Gaming will still be rated higher than the opponent. EDward Gaming will soon see how LNG Esports plays to have a reasonable countermeasure, and at the same time take advantage of big goals and actively control the map, preventing LNG Esports from creating any problems doubt in this match.

EDward Gaming vs ⁠LNG Esports bet prediction

EDward Gaming vs ⁠LNG Esports total score prediction:

  • Game 1: Edward Gaming
  • Game 2: LNG Esports
  • Game 3: Edward Gaming

Total score 2-1

First Blood:

  • Game 1: LNG Esports
  • Game 2: LNG Esports
  • Game 3: EDward Gaming

Total Kill Point:

  • Game 1: EDward Gaming 18-11 ⁠LNG Esports
  • Game 2: EDward Gaming 9-17 LNG Esports
  • Game 3: EDward Gaming 16-9 LNG Esports


EDward Gaming: Flandre, Viper, Jiejie, Scout, Meiko

LNG Esports: Ale, Light, Tarzan, icon, Iwandy