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EDward Gaming vs T1 Prediction – Worlds Group B – 10/16

EDward Gaming vs T1 Prediction

EDward Gaming vs T1 prediction on October 16, 2021. It will no longer be a team that favors early-game combat like in the previous meeting. Experts believe that T1 will aim for a long-term match. Perhaps they will look at the lesson from Group A where FunPlus Phoenix suddenly fell from the horse in a row, so for this match, there will be no giving up.

EDward Gaming Overview

EDward Gaming vs T1 Prediction

EDward Gaming is showing a completely different level in Group B. They overwhelm all the opponents they face. This T1 rematch this time is probably not easy anymore when the opponent has too many lessons in the first leg. But experts are still trusting the team from China when they are in excellent form stable period.

T1 Overview

EDward Gaming vs T1 Prediction

T1 will most likely be satisfied with the 2nd place in Group B when as of the time of writing they bring 2 wins and 1 loss. But when facing a big man like EDward Gaming will not be easy to give up quickly. More than that, after the humiliating loss in the first leg, T1 certainly realized a lot of things. There is a high chance that a match with few kills when T1 will show map control gameplay again.

EDward Gaming vs T1 Prediction

Analysts predict that the early game will not have many skirmishes. Instead, there will be flashy moves from both teams to give the jungler a quiet time to farm the forest circle. However, T1 will be very attentive to big targets on the map like dragons. One of their mistakes in the last game was choosing a bad timing in the big teamfights here. 

T1 lets the opponent take the cards when coming in later. But they had a big advantage by splitting their squad, Canna also had the reverse ice phase that was sometimes pointless.

EDward Gaming vs T1 Prediction

However, experts believe that EDward Gaming will still be the winning team in big teamfights. Although they will take a bit of time when the opponent actively leaves the fight without meaning or deft turret enthusiastically. Basically, T1’s bot lane Gumayusi and Keria are not strong enough to compare with Viper and Meiko. Rather, Gumayusi doesn’t deal enough damage to the enemy squad. 

Oner can be caught in his jungle when Jiejie’s sniffing ability is very good. Faker seems too lonely to make something different enough. It should be remembered that even in matches where the two sides maintain a balance. EDward Gaming is still stronger in terms of total teamfight, the difference in their big goal is still something that T1 can hardly equal fill. Therefore, if to put faith in one side in this match, it is still EDward Gaming.

EDward Gaming vs T1 Bet Prediction

EDward Gaming vs T1 total score prediction:

Game 1: Edward Gaming

Total score 1-0 (EDward Gaming wins)

EDward Gaming vs T1 Handicap (EDward Gaming handicap 5.5 kills)

First blood:

Game 1: EDward Gaming

Total rounds:

Game 1: EDward Gaming 14-7 T1 (Under)


EDward Gaming: Flandre, Jiejie, Viper, Scout, Meiko

T1: Canna, Gumayusi, Oner, Faker, Keria