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Edward Gaming vs Ultra Prime Prediction – NEST 2021 – 11/11

Edward Gaming vs Ultra Prime Prediction

Edward Gaming vs Ultra Prime prediction on November 11, 2021. The match between EDG vs LNG is evaluated in favor of EDG. This is considered an extremely easy match for EDG, especially when they have a very destructive form in recent times.

Edward Gaming Overview

Edward Gaming vs Ultra Prime Prediction

With the appearance of Flandre and Viper, EDG has had a lot of competition at LPL Spring 2021. They are expected to be one of the brightest candidates for the ticket to Worlds 2021. EDG has all they needed to elevate the team this season: a multi-star roster with stellar individual skills. A slow but steady fighting style, and excellent teamfights. 

They made a strong impression when they crushed the phoenix FPX in the Summer Finals. They defeated DK closely to become the new king of Worlds 2021. This will be an opportunity for EDG to show their strength and open a new era at LPL.

Ultra Prime Overview

Edward Gaming vs Ultra Prime Prediction

The team that finished 16/17 in the Spring Split – Estar Gaming – has changed its name to Ultra Prime. Last season, they only had 2 victories and received 14 defeats. The BLD of UP realized the problem and changed a series of squad blood. 

Insulator and rat leave, Smlz and xiaocaobao join. The new names from the youth league will have a lot of trouble if they want to conquer a high rank in the 2021 LPL Summer. And as expected, they still left a not-so-great performance with 5 wins and 11 defeats in the summer. NEST will be a place for UP to rub more before hitting the Spring 2022 tournament.

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Edward Gaming vs Ultra Prime Prediction

EDG played all 15 games in the last 3 BO5 matches showing their bravery. But their ability to hit BO1 is not bad if you look at Group B of the past Worlds. EDG is superior to UP in all aspects from performance to player quality. 

Flandre is no longer the weak point of EDG when this guy shows the ability to use his carry champion. Scout and Viper are playing extremely well while JieJie is extremely confident with her accurate Smites. The current EDG is too difficult to overcome for any team in the LPL. The result is predicted to be a win for EDG.

Edward Gaming vs Ultra Prime Prediction

The players who are officially playing for EDward Gaming must still be feeling lightheaded after lifting the last world championship trophy. But with a region with a top developed LOL platform like China. After a few weeks of relaxing, it’s time for them to focus on new goals at home. 

Falling into an easy group when the opponents are all very underrated. EDward Gaming must definitely aim for the top of the table. It’s clear that Ultra Prime right now has no way to do surprises. Prediction 1-0 is in favor of EDward Gaming.

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Edward Gaming vs Ultra Prime Bet Prediction

Edward Gaming vs Ultra Prime total score prediction:

  • Game 1: EDG wins

Total score 1-0

First blood:

  • Game 1: EDG

First Dragon:

  • Game 1: EDG

Total kills:

  • Game 1: EDG 15 – 2 UP

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EDG: Flandre, Viper, Jiejie, Scout, Xiaguang, Meiko

UP: zs, H4cker, Smlz, irma, xiaocaobao, ShiauC