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CS: GO: Edward of Na`vi officially returned after a long time stopping playing

Edward returned with another team

Edward officially returned after more than half a year of not playing professionally and was on reserve player of Na`vi team. Dressed in a new uniform team, can Edward confidently shine his career in the CS: GO world?


Edward and his teammates with the ESL One Cologne 2018 championship, the most prestigious title he has ever won in Na`vi
Edward and his teammates with the ESL One Cologne 2018 championship, the most prestigious title he has ever won in Na`vi

When it comes to the names worthy of being honored in the legendary temple of Na`vi in particular and the CIS region in general, the name Ioann Sukhariev also known as Edward, he will certainly be a bright candidate. Edward began playing CS professionally in 2004 and was once dubbed the “Pistol King” with his outstanding highlights.

In 2009, he joined Na`vi and during nearly 10 years of wearing a yellow-black shirt, Edward and his teammates achieved countless prestigious titles such as the ESL One New York championship in 2016, the StarSeres champion & i-League Season 5 and Season 7, champion ESL One: Cologne 2018 with 2 runner-ups Major MLG: Columbus 2016 and FACEIT: Major London 2018. Personally, he made 3 appearances in the list of 20 players Best of the year by HLTV: # 16 in 2013, # 15 in 2011, and # 5 in 2010.

In May 2019, Edward took the bench to make way for the young talent of QBF Boombl4 and he moved to play for Winstrike on loan. After 4 months of not so successful competition, in September 2019, he returned to the Na` vi bench and has not played so far.


Edward returned with another team
Edward returned with another team

However, yesterday Edward officially returned to the professional scene in the Seclectah shirt, a newly formed team with former players in the CIS region. His teammates are also names that have played professionally such as tappa, former Hell, and kill member: Smike, former pro100 member, or Kvik, a former member of QBF, the team once reached the top 8 ELEAGUE, Boston Major.

The first tournament that Edward and his teammates participated in was CTRL PLAY League, a CS: GO tournament for CIS teams with the presence of quite strong names such as Gambit Youngsters, Hard Legion, Vega Squadron. Academy and has total prize money of 2,000,000 Rub (~ 30,000 USD). 

However, Seclectah was unable to qualify for the first round when faced with names like FLuffy Gangsters or Cyber Legacy. The second qualifier for this tournament will take place a few days later and hopefully, Edward and his teammates will have good results to get a ticket to the main event of the tournament.

Seclectah’s current roster consists of 5 members including Ioann Sukhariev “Edward“, Aurimas Kvaksis “Kvik”, Sergey Sklyarenko “smike”, Roman Medvedev “tappa”, and Akashi. This is a pretty strong squad when every Seclectah player has their own skills. Besides, all of Edward’s fans also became more excited when he filmed, hoping that he could regain his form after a long absence from CS: GO.