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EHOME vs RNG Prediction – i-League 2021 – 04/10

EHOME vs RNG prediction

EHOME vs RNG prediction

EHOME vs RNG prediction on April 10, 201. As a Tier 1 representative of China, EHOME will definitely be the most highly regarded team compared to a rookie who has just risen like Royal Never Give Up.

EHOME Overview

After failing to secure tickets to the Singapore Major of Dota Pro Circuit when only getting 6th place in the Upper Division group stage of China, EHOME suddenly played as bronze and won the championship at FDC Professional Championship Season 3 after defeating PSG.LGD 3-1 in the final. Escaping from title starvation in the first few months of 2021, the EHOME vs RNG prediction expert thinks EHOME entered the i-League 2021 tournament with great comfort and soon won the opening match by defeating a very strong team is Elephant, thereby temporarily rising to the top of the group.

Recent Matches


Royal Never Give Up Overview

Successful promotion in the Lower Division and officially becoming the name to participate in the Upper Division group stage when the 2nd phase of Dota Pro Circuit officially kicked off, Royal Never Give Up is promising to continue the championship. at your Huya Dota Invitational at the end of 2021 with a successful year to come. However, the schedule is the enemy with Royal Never Give Up when this team will have consecutive confrontations with strong opponents from very early, their first two opponents will be Elephant and EHOME.

Recent Matches

Royal Never Give Up20Team MagMa
Royal Never Give Up21CDEC Gaming
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EHOME vs RNG prediction

History is also on the side of the stronger team as EHOME has won 7 out of the last 10 encounters between the two teams. Both teams are in a good mood from the recent successes, so the upcoming match will also be extremely dramatic and it is likely that the result will only be available after the end of game 3. The EHOME vs RNG prediction expert predicts the final result will be 2-1 with EHOME’s victory.

EHOME vs RNG result prediction

Total Score

  • Game 1: EHOME wins
  • Game 2: Royal Never Give Up wins
  • Game 3: EHOME wins
  • Total score 2-1

Total Kill Points

  • Game 1: EHOME 37-31 Royal Never Give Up
  • Game 2: EHOME 28-36 Royal Never Give Up
  • Game 3: EHOME 42-35 Royal Never Give Up

First Blood

  • Game 1: EHOME
  • Game 2: EHOME
  • Game 3: Royal Never Give Up


  • EHOME: Sylar, Xm, Chalice, xNova, Fade
  • Royal Never Give Up: lei, Setsu, Flyby, Super, FelixCiaoBa

Past Encounters

Royal Never Give Up20EHOME
Royal Never Give Up20EHOME
Royal Never Give Up21EHOME
Royal Never Give Up20EHOME
Royal Never Give Up20EHOME
  • Number of wins in last 5 matches: EHOME – 4 / RNG – 5
  • Victories of the last 10 games: EHOME – 8 / RNG – 7