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Elden Ring boss guide – Some tips and locations of bosses (part 2)

Elden Ring boss guide

Elden Ring boss guide

The full game is definitely home to dozens of bosses, some spending time in castles and others ready to ambush you in the open world. In Elden Ring boss guide, here are all the Elden Ring bosses we’ve found so far, as well as some firsthand tips on how to find them and fight them.

Grave Warden – Elden Ring boss guide

The final boss of the Murkwater Catacombs, the Grave Warden is located east of Limgrave, at the end of the northern branch of Lake Agheel. It is protected by skeletons and slime that can easily be missed. This boss drops the Storm Blade Ash of War, which is very useful for those Tarned who are less prone to magic.

Elden Ring boss guide

Grave Warden hurts you with close-range hammer swings and ranged sweeping attacks. All spells work on him, but he’ll quickly close the gap, so you’ll need to give it your all. There’s no real magic bullet for this boss: watch out for his massive chain attacks, block or dodge his hammers (usually three hits) and sneak in damage when you can. When you bring him down to low health, he goes into a buffed state to boost his attacks, so be extra careful in the second half of the fight.

Stonedigger Troll

As the Elden Ring boss guide, this boss is essentially a tougher version of the flesh-and-blood giants found throughout the Limgrave. It’s the final boss of the Limgrave Tunnel, accessed through the northwestern tip of Lake Agheel. 

You’ll need to take two elevators down to reach this boss; Drop the second one halfway to reach a hidden platform. This leads to a divided road with a third lift on the left. You can either take it down or drop it on rocks that run clockwise around the mine shaft.

Stonedigger Troll has high physical defense and will even knock slashing weapons from his thick skin. Crushing weapons like axes and sticks work well, but magic is the real ticket here. Even the most basic spells won’t be able to catch him and from a safe distance, so control your passive mage if you can. 

Once the Stonedigger Troll reaches half health, notice a flurry of attacks that often end with an AoE that hits nearly the entire room. Keep your distance during this attack, as the troll will turn towards you. If you decide to hit him in the foot with melee, plan to dodge the stomping attack after each of your hits lands.

Bloodhound Knight Darriwil

The Bloodhound Knight Darriwil is found in the Forlorn Evergaol, accessed via the teleport plate in Stormhill north of Limgrave’s starting area. Once you use the disc, you can’t leave until you defeat Darriwil or die, so be prepared.

This boss moves and attacks quickly, at long range thanks to a giant sword that causes bleeding, and will usually disappear before quickly approaching you. He has a basic four-attack combo that usually ends in a leap attack, and this gives you a good chance to deal damage.

If you see him dragging on the ground with his sword, dodge to the right at the absolute last second to avoid being tracked. If he pulls his claws, dodge straight back to stay out of range. Magic is difficult to use in this fight as Darriwil is very aggressive, and you’ll probably want a reliable shield no matter what you’re using. That said, you can take some magic damage as soon as Darriwil enters the arena.

This Elden Ring boss guide is very similar to Artorias in the Dark Souls DLC; His crafty moves can make some people familiar, so expect an uphill battle.

Flying Dragon Agheel – Elden Ring boss guide

This dragon will land on Lake Agheel when you get close to the middle of the lake. When you defeat it, you get its heart, which you can exchange for a powerful spell at the island accessed through the Demi-Human Chiefs’ cave.

Elden Ring boss guide

Simply put, Agheel is like the boss of Monster Hunter. It has a very strong marked tail, claw, and breath attacks, and has a lot of health and high defense. You’ll want to be mounted on your divine steed, Torrent, for the duration of this fight. It’s been a nightmare to fight against Agheel simply because his flame attacks are nearly insurmountable without Torrent. 

Gallop away if he’s convulsing excessively, and to avoid jabs and breath attacks, dash counter-clockwise if Agheel is in the air. His sweeping claw attacks can be reliably dodged by retreating and double-jumping with Torrent. Agheel’s head takes extra damage and he’s weak to lightning, but hitting the tips of his wings and legs is also very effective. This fight will go on for a while, but as long as you keep your horse and play cautiously, Agheel will be easily defeated.

Margit the Fell Omen – Elden Ring boss guide

The final boss of the Elden Ring boss guide network test, and the introductory boss of Stormveil Castle, Margit the Fell Omen is a speed spell swordsman with a variety of attacks. Bring a shield, bring a buddy, summon ghosts – use whatever you have.

Margit will often throw lightning daggers at you if you retreat to heal or cast spells, so be wary of range. When you lower his health a bit, he will summon a lightning hammer to perform a leap attack. 

Elden Ring boss guide

If you dodge this attack right before he hits the ground, you can get some free damage. After performing this move, Margit will begin to summon a variety of magical weapons and perform new attacks.

When Margit finishes the combo with a downward swing of his staff, he’ll often follow up with a quick jab from a magic dagger. He can also do this after his hammer attack, so don’t get too aggressive. If you hit from behind, he will use his tail to stroke you when he turns around. His lightning sword combo is better than being blocked, and after the fourth hit, you can usually fit in a guard counter. Margit is the full package: portable, deadly, and powerful.