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Elden Ring boss guide – Some tips and locations of bosses (part 1)

Elden Ring boss

Elden Ring boss

The Elden Ring Boss represents the game’s biggest and most exciting challenges. FromSoftware has created another kingdom full of giant monsters and majestic warriors, we found 10 huge bosses only in the first area. 

Beastman of Farum Azula

Farum Azula’s morph is found in Limgrave in Groveside Cave, north of the Cave of Knowledge, past the church, along a wall at the back of the nearby woods. This boss drops an enchantment that increases your max stamina and a treasure chest in its domain containing the valuable Flask of Wondrous Physick, which can be customized to restore your HP and FP.

Elden Ring boss

You can kill this boss with any of your class starters, and you should try to fight it as soon as possible to get that extra potion. A shield trivializes most of his attacks, and the shield sold at the church merchant is more than enough to keep him in danger. Block, defend the counter when he pauses, and look for a jump attack at the end of his combo, which he seems to use more often when below half health. Some of his attacks take a while to finish, so don’t block or dodge too soon. Rolling backward will dodge most of his attacks because he swings his sword in an arc.

Demi-Human Chiefs – Elden Ring boss

The Demi-Human Leaders live in the Dissident’s Cave found behind the west beach of Limgrave. You’ll want a torch to navigate the cave yourself, so be sure to purchase a torch from a nearby church merchant if you don’t have a light source. Once you defeat this boss, you can access the dragon covenant island at the end of this cave and it’s home to some nice spells.

The Elden Ring Boss Demi-Human Chiefs are basically just overgrown basic enemies with HP bars on the screen. It’s the smaller demihumans nipping at your heels in this fight that’s the real problem. Keep your distance or watch your rear while you destroy the other enemies, then focus on the chiefs. The magic is extremely powerful here, as you can thin the swarm without being affected by their melee attack range. If you are at the front of the cave, you can sometimes fight the first chief without getting hit by the second.

Tree Sentinel – Elden Ring boss

This armored horseman is visible the moment you exit the Cave of Knowledge, but we don’t recommend fighting him immediately. At the start of the game, it’s much safer to sneak by him or just take a long way around to avoid his line of sight. Whenever you decide to fight him, you’ll earn a shield Ash of War called Holy Ground. 

The Tree Sentinel wields a halberd with a long reach, and he has high mobility thanks to his mount. It’s tempting to meet him in horseback combat, but we actually recommend fighting on the ground. Most of the boos attacks can be comfortably blocked or dodged. We found that facing him on the spectral steed left us more open to the attacks. Watch out for his jumping attacks, and try to stay on his right side, because he’ll pound you with his shield if you wind up on his left. Magic and other ranged attacks are very effective to him. The Tree Sentinel likes to gallop away from you after his attacking. 

Pumpkin Head – Elden Ring boss

Pumpkin Head is found in a cave to the east of Limgrave, east of the lake guarded by the Flying Dragon Agheel. Find some ruins that have a big pink tree in them. To reach the blocked tunnel leading to Pumpkin Head, climb up the nearby debris and drop down the stairs below. Once you defeat him, you gain his command and meet a magic instructor named Sellen.

Elden Ring boss

Pumpkin Head is a big guy, big head. His attacks bleed, even when piercing a shield, so try to stay beside him and behind so you can more easily dodge his attacks. Blocking is effective, but you will still end up hurting from bleeding. Elden Ring Boss Pumpkin Head will occasionally use his giant helmet to butt you in the head, usually two or three times in a row, and you should try to avoid hitting his head as it doesn’t do much damage. As always, playing at the dynamic range is magical.

Burial Tree Watchdog 

This eerie gargoyle is the final boss of the Stormfoot Catacombs, located just northwest of the Limgrave church. A statue on the hill behind the church will indicate this dungeon if you activate it. Find a pack of torch-wielding scum through the debris on the ground. The Burial Tree watchdog releases a magical Ash of War with a powerful skill upon being killed, giving intelligence-based characters a boost early on.

Elden Ring boss

Burial Tree Watchdog moves and attacks in strange explosions. It loves to fly to the ceiling and launch a barrage of attacks, and your best bet is to turn around and turn away during this move. Wait until Elden Ring Boss starts to plunge and then roll, or its attack may follow you. 

Hitting it with melee will usually produce a nearly 360-degree swing, and it can also shoot fire at you from range. That said, its melee attacks are harder to dodge than its spells, so spells are a good combo. Surprisingly, pyromancies are also quite effective.