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Elex Guide – Things You Should Know Before Started



Elex is an expansive sci-fi open-world RPG that offers players a lot of freedom in how they influence the larger story and their personal journey. Its distinct biomes and factions make its world a fascinating and diverse place to explore, and its sheer amount of dialogue makes its characters feel lifelike.

Talk To Every NPC

Whether it’s explaining how the world came to be or providing insights into a particular character, every person in Magalan has something to say. While most NPCs give a line or two – most of which simply ask you to go away – the majority of the important characters will have something of interest to suggest to you. Also, talking to everyone you meet is a great way to get side quests.

Side quests don’t always manifest in obvious ways and so discovering them is often up to you. Whether it’s talking to a disgruntled guard waiting for spare troops or a shop owner still waiting for precious supplies, you won’t find some of the best quests in Elex without talking to NPC.

Search The Ruins – Elex 

At the beginning of the game, after talking to Duras and starting the journey to Goliet, you are given the choice of whether or not to search for some ruins. If you decide to, you are said to have taken the hard way as you must venture into the ruins and destroy the monsters within. However, while it can be a somewhat difficult detour, exploring these ruins is a great idea.

Inside you’ll find a bunch of Clerics weapons you can’t use yet – they’re tied to a quest you can accept later in Goliet. This sets a game precedent that combines two or more seemingly implausible elements to create a satisfying quest, which is just one of many factors that make the game such a compelling RPG so. Duras will also reveal information about the Clergy to you and explain exactly what they are doing in Edan. Suffice it to say, it is absolutely worth exploring.

Pick Up Everything

Most RPGs allow you to carry a seemingly endless amount of items in your pocket while traveling, and fortunately, Elex is no exception. For the most part, each and every building you can access will have some kind of item or equipment for you to loot and take with you. From magnesium torches to loaf of bread, every item you find is valuable and worth picking up.

You never really know when an item will come in handy, for yourself or for others, so holding certain items can be immensely beneficial. big. Also, looting what you can and selling it off is a good way to get hold of expensive items early in the game as you’ll need extra armor to protect yourself.

Activate Teleporters – Elex 

Teleports can be found all over Magalan and are an efficient way to traverse the map. This is the fast travel version of Elex as it allows you to skip large parts of the exploration with the fast loading screen. However, while it is relatively easy to find most of these, activating them can be overlooked.

To activate a teleporter, all you need to do is stand on it, of course, it’s a pretty easy task and doesn’t require much effort. It’s an easily overlooked step, though, especially when other games’ fast-moving points are activated just by being near them. Making sure to take the time to activate these will save you a lot of trouble when you realize that, despite seeing it with your own eyes, it hasn’t appeared on your map yet.