Game CMD 368

Guilty Gear XRD REV 2: Elphelt Valentine Special Moves, Instant Kill


Elphelt is a flexible character, with many weapons to defeat opponents in any position. A shotgun is used for close-range bullying and inflicts terrible damage, a sniper rifle that moves freely to select opponents at a distance, a shotgun used to attack and Her infamous grenade is used to set up her attack game.

Elphelt Playstyle


She is a character with flexible tools for many situations and effective okizeme.


  • Great Normals: Most of her buttons have one or more of the following characteristics: fast, discrete, long-range, or good cancellation options.
  • Large Backdash: Her backdash has a lot of invulnation, moves far back and has little recovery.
  • Amazing Corner Blockade: Her combos and blocking push her opponents very far into the corner.
  • Average high damage: Her combos can deal considerable damage, especially when Miss Confire (shotguns) are involved.
  • Strong and versatile Okizeme: She has access to great oki thanks to j.D YRC, IAD
  • secure, unlocked, pineapple berries, and more.
  • Consistent access to take down: Elphelt can convert most stray hits into a single take-down, especially with enough meter reach.


  • Grenade Can Be Detrimental: If she is carrying a grenade and is forced to intercept, the grenade explosion could take her turn. If she is hit while carrying a grenade, the blast can give the opponent a better combo than usual.
  • Willing to deal with air defense: because her air defense is not bound to the universal 6P system, and therefore is not capable of invading the upper body, a room with no poor distance is more likely more transactional capabilities.

Special Moves



  • When you enter the command, you have 3 seconds until the grenade explodes.
  • You can throw under (2P) or throw over (4P, the air can).
  • When throwing grenades, it has a box that hits its target until it hits the ground but deals 0 damage on hit.
  • If you don’t throw the grenade for 3 seconds, it will self-destruct on the Elphelt.
  • All her standard guns (5H, jD, SG-H, Sniper) can trigger an early blast by hitting the grenade when it is thrown and the blast’s damage is greater than self-destruct on you.
  • Throwing a grenade when the timer is at or below 1 second makes it a level 3 move that allows toss> detonation combo if the timer goes below ~ 0.5 seconds or allows her to pierce opponents mid-time Throw and explode if above ~ 0.5 seconds.
  • The Grenade stays on the screen if Elphelt is blocking, but disappears if she is hit.
  • Grenades can be shot away, but will still explode on the screen when time runs out.

Miss Confire

Ground version:

Forward. Blow your opponent and take them down Useful for carrying corners. It can be punished at the time of blank but it remains + if it is blocked on the last active frame of the move and/or at the beginning of the hitbox.

Air version:

Move downwards; it starts off slowly but is difficult to punish if the opponent is not ready; since it stops the air momentum slightly before actually falling into the bouquet, it can be used as bait for anti-inappropriate movements. Hitting your opponent as low as possible adds a decent frame, but this is often impractical. Don’t use prediction, as it can be easily defeated by a plane, DP, or 6P if the opponent is ready.

Elphelt Instant Kill

  • Expressed in Hellfire
  • Use her f.S animation, wide-ranging.
  • If the opponent is in Hellfire mode, it can only be combined into it in the corner.
  • The most used Hellfire IK combos are usually throwing> RC> IK mode> IK for 100 tension and a non-explosive IK combo and anything that goes to Powered SG-H> RC> IK mode> IK, this exceptionally easy to do.