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5 Combination heroes in DOTA 2: Enchantress goes offlane

Enchantress in DOTA 2

Enchantress in DOTA 2

Enchantress is now becoming a DOTA 2 Hero which is crowded with gamers, from professionals to amateurs. So what is the reason for Enchantress to attract so many players in DOTA 2?

Enchantress in DOTA 2
Enchantress in DOTA 2


Even before the new patch was released, some North American gamers had a tendency to push Junglers to the offlane position. So why is Enchantress the hottest, most viable choice of a dozen candidates?

DOTA 2 versions were released by Valve and the meta is constantly evolving. The Shanghai Major Qualifier that took place shortly after was evaluated by the community as a test of tactics, as well as the direction that the player is trying to develop after a huge update. Each server has its own unforgettable impression, especially the US Area with 38 times of Enchantress.

Performed well through the Enchantress assessment which caught the attention of many people
Performed well through the Enchantress assessment which caught the attention of many people


Enchantress has been buffed a lot by Valve in the last 6 patches.

  • 6.81: Increased the duration of Untouchable’s effect from 3 seconds to 4s
  • 6.82: Increase movement speed from 310 to 315
  • 6.83: Movement speed increased from 315 to 335
  • 6.84: Increased attack speed reduced from Untouchable 30/60/90/120 to 40/70/100/130. Enchant can re-cast the ability of a captured unit to refresh the control time.
  • 6.85: Nature’s Attendants increased the number of wisp from 3/5/7/9 to 4/6/8/10. The impetus is no longer a Unique Attack Modifier.
  • 6.86: Enchant cooldown reduced from 30/25/20/15 to 30/24/18/12
Enchantress is a "specialty" of DOTA North America
Enchantress is a “specialty” of DOTA North America

However, Enchantress has not really been widely used, namely 86th in the ranking of the most played heroes. The main reason is probably that in the previous meta, the jungle was the place for the core heroes to farm stack, so players don’t need to focus on the heroes in the jungle.

Even if you really need a true Jungler, people will choose Chen, a hero buffed by Valve much stronger than Enchantress. So, gamers are gradually turning to the trend of putting her in the position of Offlane.

Although the Offlane Enchantress is a “specialty” of North America, it is impossible not to mention Slasher, the father of this movement, who was half a year ahead of its time.


Slasher suggests that we should max out Untouchable and Nature’s Attendants to stay in the lane instead of maxing Enchant for jungling and ganking. In general, the idea of bringing Enchantress to a hard lane is intended to harass opponents in safe lane and build base damage large enough to turn the “son of the forest god” into a semi-carry at mid-mid-time. late game is equal to Aghanim’s Scepter and Dragon Lance.

Enchantress can even face strong nukers at early games like Gyrocopter.
Enchantress can even face strong nukers at early games like Gyrocopter.

At 6.86 with the appearance of Dragon Lance, the “deer” has the opportunity to appear as a semi-carry role as ever. Need to try to properly assess your lane, you will have to face what to make a reasonable choice to build skills. Is adding 1 Nature’s Attendants really necessary when the opponent has hard targets – nukers? Or will we go to Enchant to keep our distance and combine the jungle?

In summary, the main goal for all Enchantress is still farming and surviving, even harassing to win the lane if the enemy lane strength is mostly “hand damage”. In fact, we often see “pro” on an Enchant point to prevent the worst case. After that, max the remaining skills and then Stats.

The rank item
The rank item of Enchantress

As introduced, Dragon Lance and Aghanim’s Scepter are two items that constitute the power of Enchantress. In particular, Dragon Lance is an alternative product, the cheaper price of “green sticks”. Previously, Power Treads and Drum of Endurance were also good choices, increasing her speed and HP. After completing the core, aim for items that support mana regen or increase intel to support Enchantress cast Impetus more comfortably.