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Endless Tower Ragnarok Mobile Monsters List For The Week

Endless Tower Ragnarok

In order to conquer 100 floors of Endless Tower Ragnarok Mobile, you will have to be careful about your preparation, ideal party, and knowledge of which list of monsters you will face.

If you know in advance the types of monsters that you will be faced with, you can arrange which easy path to complete in Endless Tower Ragnarok Eternal Love. You can also decide which item you want to get based on the monster list. For that, We have prepared the list of Endless Tower Ragnarok Mobile monsters for this week!

Endless Tower Ragnarok

List of MVP Monsters in Endless Tower

How to read the table below:

Endless Tower Ragnarok

The left column in the image shows you the number, which is the last number of the Ragnarok Eternal Love channel number. For example, if you are on channel ID69, then what you see is row numbers 9. The Tower monsters include – Golden Thief Bug, Drake, Angeling, and etc;

The top line indicates the floor number of the Tower, where you can find the MVP monster. For example, on channel ID69 you will find Golden Thief Bug on floor 3 of Endless Tower, Drake on floor 6, Angeling on floor 10, and etc;

If you want to defeat Moonlight, then you have to enter a channel with the last digit ‘” 0 “ on the channel number and ascend to floor 43 of Endless Tower.

Notes For The Week

After the Ragnarok Eternal Love 7.0 expansion update, several new monsters appeared. Surely there will be new and valuable rare material drops.

Check the Exchange first to see what items are currently rising in price. Aim for these items at Endless Tower Ragnarok Eternal Love so you can sell them at  high prices.

That’s about the list of monsters in Endless Tower along with some notes that you can follow. Hopefully in Endless Tower this week, you will get the item you wanted!