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English Civilization Guide – Age Of Empires 4

English Civilization

The English are one of many different civilizations in the Age of Empires 4. Aside from the French, the English are a defensive power and have unparalleled strength in defense. Therefore, English civilization is one of the easiest ones to play and a great civilization to start with if you are a beginner.

The English Civilization Bonuses

  • Build a farm with 50 percent less Wood, Farms near the plant collect 15 percent faster.
  • Vanguard Man-at-Arms is in Dark Age (I).
  • Stronger villagers who use short bows.
  • Town Centers, Outposts, Towers, and Keepers provide a Castle Network bonus that grants 25% increased attack speed to all affected units.
  • The city center shoots twice as many arrows.
  • Military ships have +1 range.

All of these bonuses had a common theme – the English civilization were always well prepared for war, even their Villagers are better fighters. What you want to do with these abilities is to constantly think about your defenses. 

English Civilization

Furthermore, think about how you will expand to dominate more of the map. For example, setting up town centers and military buildings near a sacred site and fortifying it with a wall plays an important role in these bonus strengths.

The English were an active Civilization but not in a direct way. The English could easily control the map and maintain that control. You can try to encircle your opponent’s control of the land, and you probably have to. 

However, trying to make a siege of your opponent is not your main goal, nor is it playing to the English’s strengths. Instead, you’ll want to act fast and try to capture as much territory as quickly as possible. Just make sure you can defend whatever land you ask.

Military Units And Bonuses 

Longbowman: Longer ranged archers can deploy defensive attacks, making them more effective against cavalry.

The only English military unit was the Longbowman. A perfect unit for tower defense as it has a much longer range than regular archers. Archers should make up an important part of your army as they will be responsible for a lot of your defenses.

The English Civilization Throughout The Ages

Here’s what you need to focus on at different points in the game if playing as the English.

Age One

At the first age, Britons should focus on building a resource economy. You want to constantly make villagers and create a strong foothold for your future empire. Use your scout to quickly get land and find sacred sites.

Age Two

The feudal era has two landmarks for you to choose from, the Monastery of the Kings and the Hall. Abbey of Kings heals all nearby units not participating in combat. The Hall produces Longbowmen at +100% speed and contains Longbowman upgrades.

Start the second era by building the Hall. Also, build barracks, archery ranges, and stables. Start creating an army capable of defending your land. Meanwhile, start allocating some villagers (with military support) to branch out your empire. Ideally, you would start targeting sacred sites or strategic resources.

Age Three – English civilization

English Civilization

The castle age also has two landmarks, either the King’s Palace or the White Tower. The King’s Palace acts like another town center, and the White Tower functions as a guard.

Begin the third era with the construction of the White Tower. This tower will allow you to upgrade your defense. The name of the game in this era is making your empire firmly fortified. At this age, you should aim to control the majority of sacred sites. You won’t necessarily capture these sites, but you should be ready to do so shortly. Continue to build your army and build near the defense areas.

Age Four

English Civilization

For the age four of English civilization, to start the age of royalty, build a Berkshire Palace or a Wynguard Palace. The difference between those two is significant, so you should consider choosing carefully. The Berkshire Palace will function like another outpost with 50% more range while the Wynguard Palace produces the Wynguard army, a powerful combination of Man-Aat-Arms, Spearman, Longbowman, Knight, and Trebuchet.

One landmark is defensive, and the other is better for victories. If you can’t decide, build a Berkshire Palace near your most important defense. Now you will want to make a play to completely dominate the sacred site or build a Landmark. Either way, your fortifications are impenetrable.