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Enter The Gungeon Guide – Pro Tips For New Players


Like many great Roguelikes, Enter The Gungeon is an incredibly deep and complex game. In fact, it contains a huge list of mechanics and items that both newbies and veterans will find confusing on their first try. It’s fun, but its complexity makes it definitely difficult.

Save Weapons for Bosses – Enter The Gungeon


The best thing you can do early in the game is to make sure you stick with your starter weapon for as long as you can. This is especially true for the first floor, as you will have very few weapons, and your starter weapon usually doesn’t do much damage to bosses. If you get something good soon, you need to have it full and ready for the bigger challenge.

This becomes less important in later floors. You will have a lot of equipment where you can usually reserve some guns for bosses while others are head to clear rooms. Rockets and Snipers are generally better for bosses because they’re easy to reach and reload too slow to effectively clear rooms.

Restart Early

Enter The Gungeon 2

If you haven’t played Random Roguelike like this before, it doesn’t seem cheap or right to often restart a game before you lose. In Enter The Gungeon, though, it’s perfectly reasonable and normal to restart your run if you don’t like the weapons you find on the first floor, or if you have a few sloppy rooms early and lose a lot of strength. strong.

A good run takes a long time to complete, so if you feel like you’re doomed later, it’s better to start fresh. If you can get past the first floor, it’s best to keep going until you die, but if you’re on a rudimentary first floor just open the menu and give it another kick.

Side Quests

Enter The Gungeon 1

While it’s important to spend your time and money, the side quests early in the game are important for you to complete whenever you encounter them. Freeing prisoners and rescuing NPCs can be difficult, but many of them open shops in the central world that you can buy items from.

Sometimes this can also mean sacrificing a run to focus on a side quest. If all you do is rescue NPCs and you lose too much health to complete a run, you’ve still succeeded enough that there’s no point in giving up on it. Having more items to buy means your rear run will be easier.

Overworld Shop – Enter The Gungeon

Enter The Gungeon

Something the game doesn’t tell you is that the items you find vary widely as you unlock more and more, and completing a shop selection will reveal other items to purchase with the game’s excessive world currency. It can feel bad to buy a weapon you don’t want, but it’s especially important that you buy everything you can from each one.

The new choices you reveal, the more powerful items you can buy. This game is absolutely full of unique items that you can only get from purchases you don’t want, so don’t feel like you always need to keep coins between runs.