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Enterprise vs Dynamo Eclot Prediction – REPUBLEAGUE – 10/21

Enterprise vs Dynamo Eclot Prediction

Enterprise vs Dynamo Eclot prediction on October 21, 2021. Looking at the win rate in all 7 maps, it is clear that Enterprise is taking advantage with too many outstanding maps. They have 3 maps with a higher win rate than their opponent, Dust 2- Overpass- Ancient. So even if you get banned from 2 of these 3 maps. It’s certain that Enterprise wins a game, just waiting to see if Dynamo Eclot can pull back 1 game in their pick.

Enterprise Overview

Enterprise vs Dynamo Eclot Prediction

Faced with a familiar opponent, Dynamo Eclot in the Play-In round of REPUBLEAGUE. Of course, Enterprise is the higher-rated team with 60th in the world rankings while the opponent is only 97th. 

However, there will be not an easy victory for Enterprise when the recent performance is somewhat declining. Statistics show that in the last 10 matches they only won 6, the rest are 4 losses. But more importantly, they are losing the last 3 matches continuously. When the performance is going down, even the weaker opponent makes Enterprise have a hard time in this match.

Dynamo Eclot Overview

Enterprise vs Dynamo Eclot Prediction

Dynamo Eclot is of course the underdog in this match. But they are showing many signs of being ready to play fair with the opponent. Their statistics in the last 10 matches are not inferior to the opponent when they also brought 6 wins and 4 losses. 

But the last 2 matches are 2 consecutive victories belonging to Dynamo Eclot. The last 4 times against Enterprise were defeats for Dynamo Eclot. But in 3 of those 4 matches, Dynamo Eclot lost only 1-2. That is enough to prove that the strength of this team is not inferior to Enterprise, they still have enough matches to make the opponent hate.

Enterprise vs Dynamo Eclot Prediction

In fact, Dynamo Eclot has a Vertigo map with a very high win rate of up to 75% after 4 games. But Enterprise will definitely ban this map directly. Even so, Nuke might not be a bad choice for Dynamo Eclot. Whis is a very bad Enterprise map with a 23% win rate in 13 games of this map.

With the above analysis, the score is 1-1 after the first 2 games will almost certainly happen. As well as how the 2 teams must ban/pick in the 3rd map to win. However, if the match has to enter the 3rd game, there is a high probability that Dynamo Eclot will still lose. Because only Mirage is a map with an equal win rate with Enterprise that if the opponent bans this map, it will be considered Over. 

Enterprise vs Dynamo Eclot Prediction

The rest of the maps all have slightly better win rates for Enterprise. Especially Inferno has the most stable win rate with 67% in 18 games over the past 3 months. In terms of people, the two teams also show a balance in the main position, if Enterprise is forsyy playing the role of carrying the team, then Dynamo Eclot is capseN. 

However, the remaining names in Dynamo Eclot’s lineup do not bring too much trust. Especially ZED and K1-FiDA which are quite obvious weaknesses when they do not possess the ability to cover each other well enough.

Enterprise vs Dynamo Eclot Bet Prediction

Enterprise vs Dynamo Eclot total score prediction:

  • Game 1: Dynamo Eclot 0 – 1 Enterprise
  • Game 2: Dynamo Eclot 1 – 0 Enterprise
  • Game 3: Dynamo Eclot 0 – 1 Enterprise

Total score 2-1 (Dynamo Eclot wins the handicap 1.5)

First 5 rounds:

  • Game 1: Enterprise
  • Game 2: Dynamo Eclot
  • Game 3: Enterprise

Total rounds:

  • Game 1: Enterprise 16-7 Dynamo Eclot (Under)
  • Game 2: Enterprise 11-16 Dynamo Eclot (Over)
  • Game 3: Enterprise 16-9 Dynamo Eclot (Under)


Enterprise: The eLiVe, MATYS, manguss, forsyy, ADEJIS

Dynamo Eclot: Valencio, ZED, capseN, K1-FiDa, noobiq