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Entropiq vs AVE Prediction – IEM Season XVI – 09/18

Entropiq vs AVE prediction

Entropiq vs AVE prediction

Entropiq vs AVE prediction on September 18, 2021. The IEM Season XVI Qualifiers in the CIS region will officially start on September 18 Entropiq and AVE are one of them. They will do everything to get themselves a victory instead of having to go to the losing bracket with lots of risks. However, it is probably hard to be surprised because the strength between these two teams is relatively different.

Entropiq Overview

With its 19th rank, perhaps Entropiq will soon surpass the AVE stage without any difficulty with a score of 2-0. Entropiq themselves is much better than the competition in terms of the experience and skills of the players. 

6 times to face each other, Entropiq won 4, lost 1, and had 1 game entering the tense OT series. And with its progress this year, Entropiq is expected to get a pretty easy victory against AVE, a team that is only ranked 91st in the world.

AVE Overview

Although AVE won 3 and lost 3 of these, the opponents they met were completely underestimated compared to what Entropiq had to go through. Next is the fact that the experience of the two sides is so different, AVE only hands Inferno as well as Ancient to look forward to hoping to get a winning game.

Entropiq vs AVE prediction

Although Entropiq’s form at the moment is very bad when only winning 1 of the last 6 matches. This does not affect the team’s mentality much when among them are the top teams in the world like Gambit or Liquid, NIP.

Entropiq won’t let that happen even though playing these 2 maps themselves is terrible. The first ban would probably go to Inferno, where they didn’t play well at all. In addition, the remaining maps Entropiq can handle well with the skills and gameplay of the whole team. 

In the early stages of the game, perhaps AVE, even if it wants to cause a surprise, is very difficult in the context of limited strength. Round pistols Entropiq will soon demonstrate the skill of each individual before they reach the 5 round win mark. 

Mirage, Nuke, Overpass will be the choices that Entropiq can target and these maps can completely snowball the enemy quite easily. AVE also soon identified themselves and only knew how to do their best before accepting defeat in the upcoming competition. 

2-0 will be the final score, Entropiq they have a diverse playstyle and from there they quickly create key rounds with a large gap in the number of rounds won. Entropiq’s advance ticket was totally worth it and they can’t go wrong with AVE being so much weaker than themselves at the moment.

Entropiq vs AVE bet prediction

Entropiq vs AVE total score prediction: 2 – 0

First 5 rounds:

  • Game 1: Entropiq 
  • Game 2: Entropiq 

Total Rounds:

  • Game 1: Entropiq 16 – 8 AVE (Choose  Entropiq – Under)
  • Game 2: Entropiq 16 – 5 AVE (Choose  Entropiq – Under)


Entropiq: NickelBack, El1an, Krad, Lack1, Forester

AVE: waterfaLLZ, sugaR, svyat, Porya, Raijin