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Entropiq vs Fiend Prediction – REPUBLEAGUE – 11/16

Entropiq vs Fiend Prediction

Entropiq vs Fiend prediction on November 16, 2021. Looking at the win rate in 7 maps, Entropiq is superior when there are 5 maps with better win rates. But the 2 maps with the worst win rates are right on Fiend’s forte maps.

Entropiq Overview

Entropiq vs Fiend Prediction

Entropiq and Fiend are both teams with quite close ranks on the world rankings. If Entropiq is holding 12th place, Fiend is only 6 places behind. That shows that their strength is not too different, both teams have their own pieces that can be considered as their forte. 

Of course, Entropiq is still expected to be the top team in this match. Not only possessing a higher ranking but also having an impressive performance. In the last 10 matches, Entropiq brought 7 wins and 3 losses. Not only that, they also own 4 consecutive wins up to now.

Fiend Overview

Entropiq vs Fiend Prediction

Meanwhile, Fiend also owns similar statistics compared to the opponent. Also bringing 7 wins and 3 losses in the last 10 matches. That shows that their drop in performance is not much worse. Maybe it’s just that they don’t have a series of consecutive wins like Entropiq. 

Looking at the head-to-head record, the two sides have only met each other 2 times. Each side also brought home 1 victory enough to see that this match is even more balanced. It is possible that victory will still belong to Entropiq in this match. But it will not be an overwhelming victory for Entropiq.

Entropiq vs Fiend Prediction

Especially Fiend’s 2-card Dust with a win rate of up to 84% in the last 19 games, with Inferno. Fiend’s win rate is a bit lower when it is 61% in 23 shots of this map. With such parameters, it is almost certain that Fiend will win in one of these two maps. Since Entropiq did not have a good performance when playing in the two maps mentioned above.

Even so, Entropiq is still holding certain advantages in the remaining 5 maps. They are completely active in the later ban/pick phase. With Nuke or Ancient, Entropiq can completely equalize 1-1 after the first 2 games. There is even Mirage map that is a forte with a high win rate of up to 75% in the last 16 shots. 

Entropiq vs Fiend Prediction

However, the possibility that this map will be banned by Fiend in the first round. They will not want to be stuck on such a high-risk map. Even shooting in the 3rd map, Entropiq still has too many options, it could be Overpass that is always playing consistently. Or it could be Vertigo where Fiend hasn’t shot in the past 3 months. 

That’s not to mention the performance of the whole Entropiq team is increasing very high. They own outstanding names like El1an or Forester which can completely be the 2 or 3 weight phases. Meanwhile, Fiend still seems to only depend on the balance only depends on h4rn, so when this player is lost, Fiend’s squad will fall apart.

Entropiq vs Fiend Bet Prediction

Entropiq vs Fiend total score prediction:

  • Game 1: Entropiq 1-0 Fiend
  • Game 2: Entropiq 0-1 Fiend
  • Game 3: Entropiq 1-0 Fiend

Total score 2-1 (Fiend wins the handicap 1.5)

First 5 rounds:

  • Game 1: Entropiq
  • Game 2: Fiend
  • Game 3: Entropiq

Total rounds:

  • Game 1: Entropiq 16-11 Fiend (Over)
  • Game 2: Entropiq 8-16 Fiend (Under)
  • Game 3: Entropiq 16-9 Fiend (Under)


Entropiq: NickelBack, Krad, El1an, Lack1, Forester

Fiend: bubble, v1c7oR, REDSTAR, dream3r, h4rn