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Entropiq vs MAD Lions Prediction – CS:GO DREAMHACK – 10/20

Entropiq vs MAD Lions Prediction

Entropiq vs MAD Lions prediction on October 20, 2021. There are quality names in the lineup like El1an or Lack1 and Forester. The fact that Entropiq is rated higher is not too surprising. However, MAD Lions have for themselves a long-standing lineup with 4 names TMB-Woro2k-sausol-JL. Moreover, there is a quality boost from the champion b0RUP from Heroic.

Entropiq Overview

Entropiq vs MAD Lions Prediction

With their slightly higher ranking, of course, Entropiq will be the team that is considered the top in this match. But experts do not have too much faith in this team. Through the recent performance at the IEM Winter 2021 Europe region 2nd qualifying round. 

The fluctuations are very clear when this team only won 5, the remaining 5 are losses in the last 10 matches. Signs of instability in Entropiq’s form are there, so there won’t be an easy victory for this team when the MAD Lions are showing potential.

MAD Lions Overview

Entropiq vs MAD Lions Prediction

MAD Lions had an impressive performance at BLAST Premier Fall Showdown 2021. They even defeated big names like G2 as well as Evil Geniuses. In the last match, they only conceded defeat to the very old Liquid. In terms of MAD Lion’s ranking, they were not too inferior to their opponents when they ranked 32nd in the world rankings. So they could completely play fair against their opponent’s player.

Entropiq vs MAD Lions Prediction

Therefore, experts believe that this match will not take place in a one-way direction for Entropiq. MAD Lion will have quality counterattacks when playing in their favorite map as well as b0RUP will have quality team carry.

Moreover, Entropiq only has 2 maps with the highest win rate, Mirage and Ancient only, of course, one of these two maps will be banned by the opponent right from the first ban. So it’s very likely that Entropiq will only win 1 forte map, in the remaining maps they only achieve about 50% of the win rate. Enough to see that it is not enough to be sure to win 2-0. 

Entropiq vs MAD Lions Prediction

As for MAD Lions, they gave themselves a pretty good performance on Dust 2 maps as well as Nuke. Even Inferno and Mirage have games that show their stubbornness to defeat the opponent in the last moments. An Entrpiq who was struggling to win and lose was difficult to overwhelm the MAD Lions was showing a certain discomfort. 

Moreover, if you analyze the recent wins of Entropiq, they are all wins in the bo1 bet. If there are wins in the bo3 bets, they are also close to 2-1 wins. Although the appearance of b0RUP is very good, he is still a rookie, unable to immediately show his importance on a team that has overcome many tournaments together. Therefore, the final score in this match is predicted to be 2-1 in favor of Entropiq.

Entropiq vs MAD Lions Bet Prediction

Entropiq vs MAD Lions total score prediction:

  • Game 1: Entropiq 1-0 MAD Lions
  • Game 2: Entropiq 0-1 MAD Lions
  • Game 3: Entropiq 1-0 MAD Lions

Total score 2-1 (MAD Lions win the handicap 1.5)

First 5 rounds:

  • Game 1: Entropiq
  • Game 2: MAD Lions
  • Game 3: Entropiq

Total rounds:

  • Game 1: Entropiq 16-8 MAD Lions (Under)
  • Game 2: Entropiq 12-16 MAD Lions (Over)
  • Game 3: Entropiq 16-9 MAD Lions (Under)


Entropiq: El1an, Krad, Lack1, NickelBack, Forester

MAD Lions: TMB, jL, Woro2k, sausol, b0RUP