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Escape From Tarkov Guide – Tips For New Players

Escape From Tarkov

Like most players who regularly shoot in sight, Escape From Tarkov is quite unfriendly to gamers. There are no tutorials in the game, the game is currently in closed beta, meaning raids can feel like a baptism of fire when you first start running them with low-end gear.

Run Scav Raids

Escape From Tarkov

When you do raids as a member of your chosen faction, everything you join goes as normal. However, if you opt in as a friendly Scav, you’ll essentially have a chance to escape with free gear. You see, in Escape From Tarkov, the Scav is basically the AI ‚Äč‚Äčthat terrorizes you when you play as PMC, but in this mode, you have a chance to run with the Russians.

When you play as a Scav, you will be pushed into an ongoing raid at a random time with random gear, but you will not be attacked by other Scavs – unless you join with them. You still have to watch out for players, but if you manage to escape, you’ll make huge profits equipping your arsenal.

Insure Gear – Escape From Tarkov

Finally, when you muster enough courage to use your own device as a PMC in a raid, make sure to be sure. If you die but no one picks it up, it will return via Prapor or Therapist the next day or so.

However, with whom you choose to insure is up to you. Prapor offers a lower price, but his returns are slower, while Therapist is more expensive but gets your gear back within 24 hours.

Have Access To A Map

The nature of Escape From Tarkov means you’ll get lost a lot. If you have a second screen or access to a large enough mobile or tablet device, it’s probably best to upload a map that you can refer to during a raid. You can find lots of community maps online, complete with extraction locations, on places like Reddit and the EFT wiki.

If you are just starting out, we recommend you do thorough research on Customs and Factory first. You can run these maps in offline mode without Scav to get better acquainted with them.

Complete Quests

Escape From Tarkov

The game has quests that help you unlock new items and merchants in the game. If you’re looking to really progress, these quests are paramount to your raid experience. Each mission requires you to do something different, and there are online tutorials for specific tasks in case you get stuck, but they also come in a variety of difficulty levels.

When you complete a quest, you’ll be rewarded with cash, items, or both, and your reputation with a particular trader will increase, resulting in better prices. Over time, as your reputation with merchants improves, you will unlock better equipment to buy for raids.

Offline Raids – Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov

If you want to get a grip on Tarkov’s gunplay or learn loot routes, your best bet is to try an offline raid. You can go in completely alone without any Scav just so you can get familiar with the map or you can join with Scav and practice some shooting exercises.

It goes without saying, though, that any items you find during offline raids won’t be moved to your inventory.