April 19, 2021


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Esports – Valorant Weapon Guide – The Ares



Valorant’s Ares is a sure machine gun at a relatively low cost. We have all the information you need about either position in the game, so you can be prepared for the last moment you enter a round.

The Ares – a real heavyweight


It belongs to the so-called Light Machine Gun (LMG) in Valorant, but unlike its counterpart Odin, the Ares costs only 1,700 credits – almost half the Odin. It’s particularly well suited for economic rounds where it does a lot of damage – especially when wall smashing is involved. Its downside is that it’s much louder than the Specter, which is equally priced.

Damage, fire rate, spray pattern

The art of dealing with it lies in the distance. At shorter distances, ideally within 30 meters, you cannot go wrong with a light machine gun. Make no mistake because even at a long-range, it will perform unexpectedly since the damage drop after the 30-meter mark is quite low.

Each shot on a target from 5 meters in the head deals 72 damage, while the same shot from over 30 meters will deal 67 damage. For the body, the damage is 30 and 28, while a blow to the leg deals 25 and 23 damage respectively. Not much difference, right? The rate of fire is respectable: up to 13 shots/sec and the proud magazine of 50 rounds makes Ares a true killing machine.

As usual, the target is important, but mainly at longer distances. When the other person approaches, you can both spray and pray. Up to 15 meters, it can keep up with just about anything. There is a shot pattern, but it changes slightly from right to left. Motto: Hold it and press it.

Ares strategies

The gun makes some noise, in the truest sense, because it’s loud. Those who prefer to sneak through the map and take their enemies face-down should choose an alternative like Specter. With it, you best defend certain points on the map and wait until the enemy comes to you – into a trap.

It is a good defensive weapon, but like most weapons in Valorant, you can use it in an offensive manner in certain situations. Since it also has a very high wall-penetration ability, hiding places in alleys or entrances are perfect. This also makes the gun great for tagging enemies through walls.

When should one buy the Ares?


With its 1,700 credits, the weapon is a real deal. It’s perfect for head rings where you need to be properly equipped, but can’t afford more expensive weapons yet. Somewhere between the pistol and the full buy rings, Ares shines.

The Best Agents for the gun

At first glance, the Sova is the perfect combination. Combining wall-through-wall vision with high-wall-piercing weapons could do wonders. But who else has vision? That’s right – Cypher. With your camera and the last enemy can be quickly spotted. Then just find a good hiding place near them and wait for them to make the wrong move. The rest is done by Ares. The Breach has a variety of wall-piercing skills so getting the gun feels natural and appropriate.