April 19, 2021


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Esports – Valorant Weapon Guide – The Bucky

The Bucky

The Bucky

Bucky is one of two shotguns available in Valorant. It holds 5 rounds and is an extremely effective weapon at close range – that’s when most of the shrapnel from the bullet hits its target.

Bucky – The Eco Shotgun

The Bucky

It’s the cheapest primary weapon in the Valorant – so it doesn’t have to be considered particularly good, but Bucky has its strengths as well. It’s perfect to equip yourself for the first few rounds and for the eco rings where you save money for the next few rounds. The gun also does some good damage in close range if you can handle it well. Although weapons are designed for close range, that doesn’t mean you have to always kill your opponent. Sometimes you just need to finish off an injured enemy.

Damage, Fire Rate, Spray Pattern

The gun is a real beast at close range. The one-shot is usually enough and the target is knocked out – and no, you don’t always have to really head for that.

The shotgun magazine holds five rounds, each with 15 bullets. Even if half of the pills match your goal, it will still work in most cases. The tradeoff for such serious firepower is its slow fire rate. It takes 1.1 seconds until the next shot can be fired. This means most of the time you will have at most 2 hits to the ground (if your opponent is not terrible).

If you miss with your first shot, you will probably pay a heavy price for it. Its damage ratio is as follows: At heights between 0 and 8 meters, this weapon deals 44 damage when shot in the head, 22 damage to the body, and 19 damage to the legs. Between 8 and 12 meters 34, 17, 14, and at a distance of 12 to 50 meters 18, 9, 8. In mid-range, alternative firing mode is recommended, which can be useful between 10 and 12 meters.

spray pattern of Bucky is typical of a shotgun: deadly and accurate at close range (up to 8 meters), inaccurate, and highly diffuse at longer distances. Just make sure you use the alternate mode between 8 and 12 meters as you will still be able to shoot a target with it. The conventional one won’t completely cut it.

Bucky Strategy

After considering the damage numbers, it is clear that Bucky is more likely to succeed at a close range. That’s why it’s important to get as close to your goal as possible. However, due to the low rate of fire, it wouldn’t be wise to just run around corners and approach your opponent in a noisy way.

It is exceptionally deadly in the hands of clever hide-and-seek players, who hide behind doors and walls to eliminate enemies passing from behind. Sure, this is not an honorary eye show but it will definitely get the job done. In most cases, once you destroy an enemy, you should choose their weapon.

Tip: Attackers and defenders can use this gun to hide near the bomb and then eliminate enemies trying to get into position.

When Should You Buy the Bucky?

The Bucky

With 900 credits, Bucky is the cheapest primary weapon. Equipping yourself with it will give you some money to buy additional shields or skills. In short, the Shotgun in Valorant is especially worth it in eco rings where you save credits for later or at the beginning of the game. Just don’t forget to drop it if you find a better weapon.

The Best Agents for the gun

Agents love hiding and surprise attacks especially suited to Bucky. This is usually related to the playing style of the respective player. But the fact remains that good map-aware agents will benefit from weapons and hide-and-seek gameplay. Cypher, for example. He has the foresight and can easily surprise enemies with a shotgun in the face. Another good choice is Omen, as he can run sideways and take down many enemies with a shotgun.