April 19, 2021


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Esports – Valorant Weapon Guide – The Phantom

The Phantom

The Phantom

Phantom is one of the 2,900 Cred Rifles in Valorant and although it has its downsides, there are plenty of reasons why you should choose it over Vandal. Here are complete details about everything there is to know about a weapon.

The Phantom – flexible at long distances

The Phantom

A strong sniper is all well and good, only its reload speed and rate of fire make it a bad choice for aggressive gameplay. If you want to open all the doors and want to shoot fast, even at long range, it’s best to use a rifle like the Phantom. Whether you are an attacker or a defender, the gun will be a good choice. It can be used to defend points or to launch a surprise attack. Since it is quieter and shoots faster than its direct competitor, Vandal, it becomes a perfect running and gun weapon.

Damage, fire rate, spray pattern

First of all, yes, the Phantom is a rifle. And yes, the rate of fire is high and effective. However, one thing should not be forgotten: aim.

The difference in damage between a headshot and a body shot is huge. In the event that a shot to the head deals up to 156 damage, depending on the distance, the body deals up to 39 and a hit to the leg deals only 33. The magazine holds 30 bullets and 11 bullets can fire per second – in alternate firing mode, it was 9.9 rounds per second.

Be careful with the recoil, you probably want to hold the trigger down, but then the gun warps significantly. At first, the ghost moves upwards and then moves in a left-to-right shooting pattern. Shooting pattern must be memorized and balanced in the battle without much thought. The recoil came, the mouse moved with it.

Phantom strategy

It is the perfect weapon for an on-the-go player, completely different from running and guns. Remember the gun is an assault rifle, not an SMG, so shooting while on the go won’t give you good results. Surprise the opponent, take him down, and then disappear quickly.

This works because the gun has silencers and won’t lose your place, so you can sneak with it. If an enemy is near you spraying might be a better way to go, as its rate of fire is quite high. Unlike Vandal, it won’t kill people with a headshot in the long-range, so keep that in mind.

When should we buy the Phantom?

With 2,900 credits, the Phantom isn’t a bargain. That’s the same cost as Vandal, so you usually have to choose between the two. It is the perfect weapon for mid to late gameplay. We do not recommend using this rifle in the first place or during the first rounds, as it is not economical and will likely fall into the hands of your enemies. Make sure to get in touch with your team if you’re buying all of your credits and wasting all your credits.

The best agents for the gun

The Phantom

Phantom is an all-round talent, so any hero can use it, whether it’s an attacker or a defender. There’s no specific agent that benefits as much, but someone like Phoenix can rush in with his ult and come back with a fully loaded weapon. The best agent for the gun is you, so make sure you hit that training area and master the recoil pattern of the rifle. Once you get comfortable spraying with it, you won’t have trouble cutting through multiple enemies with just one magazine.